Learning the Right Way to Go About Finding a Mentor

Learning and finding a mentor at the same time: one way to go about It. Before you get started sign up for a free e-mail account. To keep your regular e-mail, from getting e-mails you don’t want and to keep the one’s you do want separate,

This will be your extra account for keeping your marketing letters form the guru’s out of your main e-mail account. Google G- mail and Yahoo e-mail have free e-mail account. And I am sure there are many others that offer free e-mail accounts also.

Now You can go all around the Internet browse and learn a lot of useful free information. In doing so you are also educating yourself. Read all the free stuff download the free e-books. Sign Up for all the e-mailing of the different gurus and there will be a lot of good free advice and info e-book, PDF’s to download free.

This way after a while you will get an idea of which one’s that are good Internet business people, and if they make a real profit. You need to find out which one’s are recommended by other marketers.

Also you can find out if they are ethical, honest, and willing to genuinely help people. A good ethical honest marketer will try to help you and give you free advice and materials as they also market products to you that can help you in your business.

If they are smart, a good marketer will help people, it’s just good business. If you help people, they help you. As the marketer is helping you help yourself he also needs to profit in his business. If the marketer can help you get your business going and profitable, you will come back in the future and acquire more products, if he has the one’s you need.

Because he helped you and got you going in your business. As you learn you are Learning the Right Way to Go About Finding a Mentor.You will begin to see the guru’s that don’t want to help you. The one’s that only promote stuff constantly that is hyped up junk that has nothing to do with your business.

They will act like they’re going to help you with a secret one button push to make you rich. STOP do not buy the hyped up sale’s letters products. There is always time to check out anything you are considering to purchase. They say if you wait and read to the bottom of this page you may be too late and we will be sold out.

DONT believe it. Even if it is true there is no product that you must have right now, this instant. If it is a legit product you will have at least enough time to check up on the seller. You can check the history of a product and the seller on Google, just Google the product name.

Don’t rely on the review site’s, most are selling the product with added bonuses. Who every has the biggest bonus usually gets the sell. DONT let these big bonuses sway you if the product is junk or something that’s not needed in your business.

You can go to the warriorforum.com. They give mostly honest reviews or go to Imreportcard.com to read a rating on products and the seller. Always check before you buy. There’s a lot of junk out there.

Some times you can buy these junk hyped up product, just to get the bonuses sometimes there is something in there you could really use and you don’t have to use the main product. Sometimes the bonuses are way more valuable than the main product.

After you find the right person, join their mentor class. Mentor classes will not be cheap, but most things that are worth anything are not cheap. A mentor will guide you faster past most failures and to a real business. All you have to do is copy their success.

When you are in the class of a mentor they will show you step by step how they did it, just follow along and learn the short cuts they found,and you will leap past trials and errors they went trough. Now that you have found your mentor you can delist yourself from all the other gurus e-mail lists.

So you won’t be tempted to skip around and buy their latest get rich offers. You won’t need them now that you have a mentor teaching you the real Internet business.

That is the big “secret” you have been looking for.

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