Somebody ask why am I geting traffic and no sale?


Somebody ask the Question ?

I have no problem generating traffic I have a problem converting leads, have tried so many types funnels and I still do not get the results I want, made my, bought some but still low optins and sales. I have a fairly large list already and want to scale it up, any suggestions?


Bringing the traffic to a product is like bringing a horse to water you can’t make them buy and you can’t make a horse drink!

You have it backwards. Find the traffic first :Say a crowd of people that have been standing in line all day at a corner street that are tired ,thirsty, and starving, they can’t leave or they will lose their place in line and it would take a whole day to get back where they were.

Now this is your traffic you have found a crowd of hungry traffic. Now all you got to do is go to that corner where the hungry crowd is standing ,pull up to them with you push food cart and send out you advertisement :

That being the smell of the delicious  food and they will buy you out. They will buy your low cost offer being: say a hotdog and they will buy your up sells being sides like onions, Sauerkraut, slaw, chili, ect….

and they will buy your up sells say; like bottled water, soda, and they will buy your backend service offer of having your assistant stand and keep their place in line while they go take a bathroom break! If you been standing there all day and had to go?

How much would you pay for that? Find a crowd (being Traffic)and bring them what they need! Repeat over and over! Have a good day!

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