New eBook part 1 To be Continued


I’ve been writing my new eBook for 3 month now and I’m hoping to finish up in another week or so . It seems like its taking forever and I’m so excited I can’t Wait to get it done and out there. My eBook is about getting free traffic and how to automate it so you don’t have to do any more to it.

Free traffic is what everybody wants and needs .I’ve been getting together in this guide the traffic secretes that the guru have used from the very beginning of their marketing careers. They still use most of these method’s even today .These avenue’s of traffic have worked in the past and are working now today .The guru’s swear by and use them every day. The first week I was doing all of my research to make sure I had the A to Z of each avenue of traffic .

I also looked at what the big time marketers this year where doing and suggesting. I’ve learned that all of the big marketers are still using the same method’s as most marketers. They use mostly free traffic but if they want a burst of traffic like when they do a launch for a new product they will use paid traffic .They use paid traffic as you would with any of their other marketing tools .

You hear a lot of bad things said about paid traffic like it’s to be avoided always. If you look there’s a lot of marketers using paid traffic every day. So when done right it is a useful tool in your bucket to use wisely. Like I said most people would rather use free traffic so I’m concentrating on mostly free but i will cover a little of all forms of traffic including some paid methods.

There are some traffic secrets that the big time marketers keep to their selves best they can .I will be covering the secrete ways they get free traffic. I will show you how they set up their traffic to be automated so they get free traffic from now on and  with no more intervention on their part.  All this writing I’m getting finger cramps I’ll continue in part 2

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