Learn how to use these Tips to Increase Ranking and Website Traffic







Learn how to use these Tips to Increase Ranking and Website Traffic

 It is worth taking some of your time to increase website traffic and search engine rankings.


  1. Always create valuable content, for your visitors, Give them some good items they can use. Give some good tips and short cuts that people can use on their blogs.
  2. Try to have some of your own products or services. And always have something to give your visitor as a gift for coming by and reading.
  3. Use your main and secondary keywords within the first Paragraph in your content and spread them evenly throughout the document. And always at the bottom of your post.
  4. To get more targeted visitors remember to do your research and use the right keywords and long tail phrases to attract your visitors.
  5. Remember to put the keyword that you picked in your Title, META tags, Headers, etc. and the bottom of you post.
  6. Make your website design simple and easy to navigate so that your customers can go thru to the different pages of your site without getting lost.
  7. Be sure to index and submit each of your web pages every web page separately and not just the home page, to the main search engines and directory services. If you don’t know how to do this you can Google it or hire someone to do it.
  8. Make sure they install it with a manual submission not a bulk up loader submitter. Be safe and do not engage an automated submission service you want if done right.
  9. Be sure to watch and keep up with any new changed search engine algorithms and modify your web pages to comply with the new changes as they come out so your search engine ranking remains high. There are some online tools you can use to see how your website is doing.
  10. Keep an eye on your nearest competitors to see what they are doing right in the way of designing, content, keywords, and if theirs are top ranked websites
  11. Use your C-Panel to see where your traffic is coming from what link to your site and what keywords were used to find you.
  12. Make your visitors happy that they came by and offer your newsletters, free reports, maybe a reduce price coupons etc.
  13. Submit your article post to the ezine to show your expertise of the niche field and products or services you have to offer.
  14. If your customers order one of you product make sure it easy to pay and download fast with as much ease as possible.
  15. If you have a problem with something when your building and maintaining your website there are same professionals that are very reasonable priced some as low as $5.00.So don’t let a snag stop you if you have to you can get someone to help.
  16. Make sure you keep your blog fresh with new post .If people come by and you haven’t added some new stuff for too long they will eventually stop coming by. After they make two or more trips over to read new stuff they will most likely move on.

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