Why Does he have SEOand PPC in there?That was the Question?

Somebody Asked Why Does he have SEOand PPC in there?

John’s new Simple Traffic Solutions course is like a restaurant menu, it has all of the different items that can be offered but you only consume the ones you need or like. PPC is not needed or necessary!

You can skip it and SEO if you want . John only covers a little bit on SEO. A complete course on traffic can’t leave out something without shorting you on your training. John likes to deliver the best product he can for you .

But you need to be shown what it is because it’s a traffic method that a lot of people do us daily. Did you know a lot of people turn their noise up at PPC like it’s something worse than it can be but there are some people using it and making millions?  Click Here !

It gets a bad rap because some people lose their butts using it so John Tell how using PPC can be costly. He did not want to leave out all of the different methods. If you don’t include all of the different ways that have been used and will be used .

Eventfully if you stay in internet marketing you will come across these different Traffic avenues. If he does not show you how that methods works or used to work you will not of been fully informed in the course .

Some people will use SEO Because it show the standard layout of a post or article .In your post you have the H1, the big text title with key words, The H2 sub text the body with keyword, and then the end signature. Click Here !

The reason he talks about not doing SEO is when you write your post it will be SEO naturally without planning to SEO .If you write about your subject the word are naturally the keyword.

The Google Panda Update, Changes was because Google wants more natural post not a bunch of keyword .Natural post/articles are laid out the same as SEO without keyword stuffing. Hope this Help you out.  Click on the image !

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