What is a Niche? That was the Question?

What is a niche?

That’s the first thing you ask after you’re told you have to pick a niche for your business. Well I put together some of the top niches for you to look at.

Acne , Acid Reflux,   Back Pain , Business, Dating ,Dog Training, Diabetes, Forex, Gardening, Golf, Gaming, Guitar , Health,Hypnosis ,Investing, Internet Marketing , Muscle Building, Mortgage,  Online Travel, Parenting, Public Speaking,

Quit Smoking, Insurance, Stress Management, Time Travel ,Just kidding Time Management, Photography, Teeth Whitening, Tattoo, Snoring, Pregnancy, Wedding,

. And there are many more… After these main niches there are the sub niches deeper down the line In the Guitar niche you can go deeper Electric Guitar, Or Standard Acoustic Guitar, Name Brand 12 string Acoustic Guitar,

A lot of people get stuck when it comes time to pick a niche .Just pick one you like and are interested in the main thing is to just do it take action .If you pick a niche and decide you don’t really like the one you picked .

There’s no problem just research another niche and pick a new one there’s many many more to pick from.You don’t have to be restricted to just one or two you can have as many different niches as you like. It’s totally up to you there’s nothing keeping you from going into many different niches.

The only thing keeping from getting going is your self just get going pick one go with it.  You can go deep as you want with all of the niches. I heard somebody asking about what is a niche I hope this helps to explain some of the questions.

Thanks for reading until next time.



Zora Blume

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