Welcome to part 6 of ‘7 Reasons Why you’re Failing to get Traffic’.

Welcome to part 6 of ‘7 Reasons Why you’re Failing to get Traffic’.

If you remember, in post 5 I explained: Building a list and building it the right way
Today we will be discussing a very important reason for people to get Traffic’.

Reason 6: Not doing keyword research

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If you’re like me you hate doing keyword resource .I think it is one of the most burying mundane thing there is .

And what I really hate about it is when I get started I can go on for hours researching. I follow the keyword to the path of most the available candidate to become my keywords of choice.

You my hate it but it is very (necessary to your success) the internet runs on keyword period. You cannot function on the internet without the right keywords.

You might not realize it but from your first move of logging on to the internet you are using keywords .Your login and password are keyword to get started.

You type in the search the keyword mail to check your mail. You click on your favorites and the keyword goes in to search for you and to a site you picked.

If you want to know if it’s going to rain you type in search weather forecast or to niche it down you would type in the key words (local weather).

That’s why you have to do keyword research you need the exact keyword that when people type in search .They will go directly to you site or webpage.

Example if you have a hamburger restaurant some of your key words would probably be something like sandwiches, burgers, cheese burgers, restaurant.

But they would not be keywords like cow, milk, hot dogs. See how important keywords are.

There is a whole lot more which can be said on this subject. Learn
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6 Steps down and only 1 more to go, the next step is the final
reason you need to know to get more traffic.

However, you must wait till next time to find out what it is 🙂

Until next time…

Zora Blume

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