‘Welcome to part 5 of ‘7 Reasons Why You’re Failing to get Traffic’.

‘Welcome to part 5 of ‘7 Reasons Why You’re Failing to get Traffic’.

Yesterday we explained how Not having good content products is damaging to

both your reputation online and also your profits online.

Today I will be explaining one more reason how you can fail to get Traffic’…..


Reason 5: Building a list and building it the right way


The numbers just don’t add up .If you don’t build a list your missing out on most of your sells. Without a list you have to sell a product for the going rate or below all of your competitors.

Front end one time offers are usually low priced .If you have to spend on advertising or paying to sell or rent  on someones list.

After paying your product costs say ads, rent list, affiliates half to 75% .You probable end up paying yourself after cost and your time 6 dollars an hour. That’s less than if you went and got a job by the hour.

If you build your list you can sell higher price product over and over .The higher the price the fewer products you would have to sell to make more money.

Your list builds more traffic and the list is also traffic you don’t have to get again. If you build your list the right way it will be full of buyers .To fill your list with buyers you offer a low priced item on the front end.

You have a free gift for them to opt-in to your list on the low end sales page. Once they join your list and buy the low priced product you now know you have buyers on your list.

If your low price good value product is liked they will buy your even better higher priced product

If you want to learn more I cover this is great detail in The


You will discover all the ways that hype can lower

the amount of sales you receive.




So, 5 steps down, you know enough now that you could maybe start

Getting Traffic ‘right now 🙂


Keep your


Eyes peeled for my next post to discover the 6th reason

many fail to get Traffic’ online.




Until next time…


Zora Blume


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