Welcome to part 4 of ‘7 Reasons why you’re Failing to get Traffic’.

Welcome to part 4 of ‘7 Reasons why you’re Failing to get Traffic’.


Yesterday I discussed how damaging it can be not Having  good products and doing  your research. They simply get tired of all the

different  products you claim can make a difference to their

business and ultimately their lives. Now we move on to reason

number four…


Reason 4: Not having good content



In case you don’t know, (Content Is King)Content is one of you main Traffic sources. That’s the main reason people come to you blog. If you have little or no content or never updated content.

You won’t get traffic you have to provide something for people to read, things to look at Down load, interact with .If you go to the store and all of the shelf’s are bare and nobody is there what will you do.

I’d say most people would just turn around and leave. Your site is your place of business like the grocery store. The people that went to the empty store where guided there by a advertisement or a recommendation or just stumble in.

The reason they turned and left is they were led to believe the store had what they needed what they wanted .

They seen an ad for cheap milk and bread. Your web site is the same people think you have a good content new article or new release DVD of the hot movie No.3.

But when they get to your site and you have the old dated version no.1 that they have already seen 5 times. They will leave quickly and probable never return.


If you want to learn more I cover this is great detail in The Free traffic  Masterplan. Here you will learn the exact type of product to





That’s 4 mistakes you now know to avoid, you should now be well on

your way to Getting more traffic  you always dreamed of.

I’ll be back in touch next time with another reason Why You’re Failing to get Traffic’ so be sure to look out for my next post.


Until next time…

Zora Blume


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