Welcome to part 3 of ‘7 Reasons Why You’re Failing to get Traffic’.

Welcome to part 3 of ‘7 Reasons Why You’re Failing to get Traffic’.

Yesterday I explained how important it was to have the correct site SEO. Well today I have something that’s just as important to your Internet marketing success.

Reason 3: Have good products and do your research.

Just like shopping in your local store if you get rotten no taste fruit or stale bread, spoiled milk.

Internet marketing is the same if the customer gets bad products they will not return .This is how you lose your traffic that  you worked so long and hard to get built up.

You have to check out and review all products you elect to promote. Lots of affiliates promote products without reviewing them first.

This is a huge mistake, how can you expect your subscribers to have faith in you and your recommendations if you don’t review the products you promote? Just like your local store you trust that they will have good and fresh product for you each and every time you visit the store.

So if you want to have a steady steam of returning traffic that builds up. Have good products to offer that will be what they need and not black hat or defective.

Imagine this scenario! You send a email to your customers telling them you have just found the best product you have ever seen, your so excited about the prospect of this product making people tons of money that you tell them  to buy it.

So they buy this product only to find it’s the worst pile of crap they ever bought. Would you buy any recommendations from this marketer again? Of course you wouldn’t.

So it’s vital you get a review copy to make sure you’re not promoting a bad product. With bad product not only will you kill your reputation and lose most of your traffic .If you promote bad products you’ll not make much money anyway because most of your sell will be refund and the customers won’t return.

If you are a full time Internet marketer for a income All it usually takes is an email to the product creator asking for a ‘review copy’. Most marketers will be happy to provide one. If there are any reasons you can’t get a review copy make sure you research the marketer in question.

As long as their reputation is solid you should be fine. And being that your a marketer and building a business .You know that a business has expenses so if you like the product and you really want to promote it buy it and review it yourself.

This would be better than just hoping its a good product. You can write a post about your review and this will bring you traffic. So remember good products good reputation. Bad product’s means no business and no money.


If you want to learn more I cover this is great detail in The Free Traffic Masterplan.



That’s 3 mistakes you now know to avoid, pretty simple stuff but just watch how many Internet Marketers make these mistakes. I see it happen on a daily basis.

I’ll be back in touch  with another reason why Internet Marketers fail so be sure to look out for my next post.

Until next time in part 4 of 7 parts…


Zora Blume


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