Welcome to part 2 of ‘7 Reasons Why You’re Failing to get Traffic’.

Welcome to part 2 of  ‘7 Reasons Why You’re Failing to get Traffic’.

Last time in post  #1 I explained how important it was to have the correct site SEO domain name. Well today I have something that’s just as important to your Internet marketing success.

Reason 2: The SEO of you web Site.

If you have    already got a good keyword rich Domain name like I suggested to get in part 1 lesson. And it matches a good product you have for sell you will begin to get traffic. That’s great getting traffic but it’s only the first step.

Now to keep getting traffic you have to set up your site to be SEO (search engine optimized).To gets some of the best traffic, that’s free traffic. The mistakes here can be many and you don’t even know you are doing it incorrect.

To really SEO your site you need Fresh new unique content. You know that good content is king Google, Msn, Bing, Yahoo; all of the search engines love good new content. The new content they eat it up like it their fuel to run their engines.

Some of the problems that you don’t even know your making is: You add 20, 30, 40, post to your blog and you think like any one would. This is great I’m building up lots of content and now I should get lot of visitor.

Guess what! your right it is bringing some new visitors. Now you think I’ve finally got traffic lots more visitor .But there’s a problem you made a mistake and you didn’t even know you did .Because your getting more traffic but no (SELLs).

If you are a internet marketer and you set this up to get sell that’s very discouraging. It sounds like you done it right by adding good content. So what is the mistake? Well don’t worry the problem can be fix.

First off it’s the landing page SEO If you get traffic and they don’t buy anything .You have to tweak and repair you layout on the landing page .

What is happening is the people are coming to your site and reading your good content and when done they leave. They enjoy your content so they come back and read and leave .

Your like many internet marketers out there you get traffic and no buyers. To turn the visitor in buyers you have to tell them what to do .You have to put you adds and links in the right spots.

You have to have a directing flow for them to follow to your buy bottom or buy link. If they go read your posts you should have the pages all open in new windows so they always go in the right direction.

Your landing Page needs to do the selling it needs to be set up correctly. Less is sometimes better putting too many shinny flashing banner ads, to many long video.

To crowded with no direction you have to show them and tell them where to go what to Click on. For example tell them to get the product (right –click Here on the link) and you will get instant access.

If you want to learn more I cover this is great detail in The Free Traffic Masterplan.



That’s 3 mistakes you now know to avoid, pretty simple stuff but just watch how many Internet Marketers make these mistakes. I see it happen on a daily basis.

I’ll be back in touch in the near future with another reason why Internet Marketers fail so be sure to look out for my post.

Until Next time…


Zora Blume


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