Trick To Getting Your New Site Indexed Faster

Trick To Getting Your New Site Indexed Faster

This is free and it brings you traffic. You can’t just put a web site or blog on the Internet and forget it .You have to get your site
indexed with the search engines .

If you don’t they won’t know your there and they won’t show your URL website it’s like you don’t exist at all.

Warning Indexing your new web/blog site the usual old fashion way to search engines can take 6 months or more.

Going and submitting your site to,      Yahoo , Bing,  to get indexed. Once there add your web/blog site URL address in the submission form.  Yahoo, Bing, and the others will add you after Google does. Yahoo has a paid service that charges hundreds to get indexed faster into their search engine or they have a free form but it will take a long time with the free.


There is another way you could get indexed quicker after submitting your site manually. With a little known method. The quickest trick way to get indexed is to go to Google search and type in the words (forum+dog training) That’s (forum + your niche) whatever your niche is and find a forum on the first page of Google result page.

The closest match to your product and sign up and start posting regularly with a link in your signature back to your website /blog. You know that Google likes this forum because it has it listed on the first page and you know that this site has already been indexed in to Google search engine at a high level page rank first page and you know Google robot crawls this forum .

So the next time the Google robot crawls the forum they could see you on there and when they do they will follow to your site and crawl your new site and index it .Google is the big leader dog and when your index in Google  the other search engine will follow along and index you also.

This method could take 2 weeks to get index and not the 3 to 6 month it usually takes with just submitting in your submission form. Later on after you been indexed for a while you can submit your URL for submission again .You need to submit your sites now
and again to keep the search indexes you have if you don’t keep checking to see if your still there .

I checked on  2 site the other day that had been indexed for a while .But when I checked them for some reason they weren’t indexed so I had to resubmit them.

This secret blog information handed down thou the ages by the ancient master gurus and their descendant’s of what used to be mystifying and called the World Wide Web.   Today referred to as the Internet and these ancient secret methods still work right now to this day.

The methods are not known by many of the newer Internet marketers because the ancients only reviled their trusted secretes and method to their closest flock lings in their herd .The ancient where not given this information they accidentally stumbled upon it slowly bit by bit until the day the ah ha idea stuck them.

They had unwittingly discovered a free and painless method to get their web site or blog indexed in to the great search engines. Without having to submit their sites the old fashioned slow way and at a fast accelerated pace.

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4 Responses to “Trick To Getting Your New Site Indexed Faster”

  1. Hey Des,

    I glad when someone can us a tip .I try to pass on thing I find that can help people .I got some good tip over on your blog.


  2. You’ve got some interesting perspective on this which I like.

  3. Hi, Zora. Great info, as usual. I found a great plugin called WP Indexer that is a BEAST of a plugin. There are a few with similar names, but this one is by Sam Woods.

    I was having a hard time with a lot of my posts getting indexed, and after activating the plugin I had 187 fresh indexes in less than 72 hours. Great stuff. Does a number of other cool things, as well. If you want the link to read up on it, let me know.
    Bradley Anderson recently posted..Top 10 Reasons to Use Google+ for BusinessMy Profile

  4. Hi Bradley,
    Thanks for the great tips onthe plug-in.Thanks for coming by and likeing me post.

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