This is My Third Blog Post.

This is My Third Blog Post. In this post id like to give back to all of the people that helped me navigate past the forks in the roads .The people who helped me get off of the winding, one lane dirt road.  On to the secondary paved roads ,and past the pot holes and dead ends .The curves and finally to the great 4and 6 lane High speed , 4x bands width Internet marketing highways.

I done all of this on all of the free advice, free e-book ,Reading their articles ,watching thier videos,their free advice on the blogs,on search engines.I looked every where to try to figure this stuff out. I thought I was doing great finding out all new things every day. I would not miss a day I work every day all day .One day I said to my self it’s time Ive learned how to do this now it’s now or never , just do it.

And I did I put my first blog up it was about shopping .My first blog being that I was doing every thing cheap as I could or free when possible because I had no income  and low on cash.For my first blog I used google blogger it is free .Google blogger only takes about 3 clink and fill in your information and you have a blog online in minutes.

Now I have to build my blog ,your blog has no post ,no way to make money. it dose not look very good it is very plain and empty.So now I began to add my post,and set up settings .I quickly learned I did not know 1/2 off the short cuts. Too just set up a blog like an expert’s dose. A regular blogger put up a new blog fast some say in 30 minutes or less.

They  can copy and paste form there other blog s already make up.Not me I worked on my blog every day I never missed a day . After I added my post I added a video I got from amazon.I had to sign up as an affiliate to use it . I’ll continue in the next post.

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