This is my fourth Post

This is my fourth Post., To continue from the last post as I said . When I was adding my blog too the Internet there where many options . One of them is to add amazon ads and banners or links.Amazon is free to sign up for and they have instant Amazon store you can put on your blog.

I said why not, so after I signed up I added  a video movie player. This is  where you watch some video’s and see if you want to buy a movie. They had some free downloads also.  I added their MP3 player so you could play music and see if you wanted to buy any . They have some free download also ,if you see one you like .

The ads for different merchandise come in text or pitchers form. If or  when some one click on it they would go to the amazon site ,at the area of the category you wanted, like close or toys,books,etc…

I kept rearranging and trying different looks.  At first I really liked the way it was looking . After getting things arranged the way I thought that it was different . Not like others and good enough for people too like, and come back often .I was hopping  it would be liked and become popular . Now it was time to monetize so i could make some money .

I went to google and signed up for AdSense  and I signed up for AdWords also. Google AdSense and AdWords are free to sign up for. After creating my ads I inserted the copied code in to my blog. I started with settings of spending only 3 dollars a day at 5cents on content and 5 cents on search . I ended up spending $ 50.00 and made $10.00 so i stopped that campaign.

That’s no good losing when your low on funds.

I was slowly building up traffic . The more I worked on the blog the worst it looked. I rearranged it again and it was worst . After I stopped using AdWords and AdSense on my blog.  The traffic fell like a rock and went to zero and stayed there . I believe if I kept on with absence and re-tweaking I would be able too make it work out because the traffic was slowly rising and I was starting to get return traffic and referring traffic.

Educating your self to do this stuff is OK but I think you are missing a lot of the correct ways to do things .The way I went around learning from only free information from here and there .A lot gets left out and you don’t know 1/2 what you need to know to make a proper and correct project of the real quality needed to make money and give the thing people want to read, or buy or receive your good advice.

In the end to save time ,money,and Heartache you need a mentor. Some one who’s been there done that .Some one who can guide you. There are some on the right side of my blog under recommended I’m in the mentoring programs and I highly endorse them.

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  1. Hey, your blog is very interesting.. Plus it was something I’m able to definitely relate to Ill constantly stop by at your blog therefore i really hope you continue making fun and interesting posts much like it ^_^

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