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What is the Commissionator about? 

It’s about a  32-Year Old Michigayan Mom
( Shreya Banerjee )

Making  $858.55 a Week Using
a Weird 15-Minute Trick
(Without Spending Any Money
on Traffic or Ads)…”

Simple ‘Video Trick’ That Brings Your Business CASH Week After Week!


She found out no matter how good your product of offer is (NO TRAFFIC = NO MONEY.


 Shreya tried every darn traffic system, software and doo higgy under the sun but nothing ever really worked.

But after by trial, error and process of elimination…


She  Finally Arrived At A Process That Started Bringing In Clicks And Sales Consistently!

What in the product?

In that process she will tell you

How do you pick a profitable niche/product?How do you pick the right keywords?

How do you create videos?
How do you rank the videos?

How do you deal with the SEO monster?


“Commissionator” system will give you the answers to all of those questions.

Shreya will even teach you how to make super slick videos in 15 mins or less so that you can finally use any of that fancy schmancy software that may be gathering digital dust on your hard drive.

You’ve been sitting at your computer every night looking for a way out of the rat race and guess what…

Your Traffic & Commission Struggles Are Finally Over Amigo!

  • No more losing sleep every night trying to find a secret traffic loophole
  • No more pulling your hair out to get some clicks to an offer.
  • No more wasting money on your shiny traffic product syndrome.
  • No more sacrificing time away from the family just to try an make ends meet.
  • No more extra month at the end of the money.

Maybe an extra $858.55 per week won’t retire you but it can certainly help you get on the path to financial independence. That’s what it has done for Shreya and that’s EXACTLY what your Commissionator system will do for you.

No guessing games.

Shreya will show you EXACTLY how to rank on the 1st page of YouTube and Google in 5 minutes without any fancy pants software.

  • You can watch over her shoulder as she starts from scratch.
  • You will see how she picks her niche/products.
  • Watch how she picks her video keywords.
  • Learn EXACTLY how she create her videos in 15 mins.
  • See how she make her squeeze pages AND rank them in under 5 mins.

    Many people make the
    mistake of putting

a video on YouTube and expecting traffic
and sales.

What if YOU could make that happen, and
it involved no shady tactics and only
complete white hat tactics?

Shreya has just released Commissionator 

A POWERFUL ranking course that allows

And the best part is – you ONLY need to
set it up once.

This is SO simple, that even a 7 year
old can use it.

Shreya has already used this technique
to rank MULTIPLE videos to #1 on Google
(and YouTube) and get plenty of traffic

Now you can copy the exact system with

It just went live today. Grab it now!

I have some urgent GOOD news about

The bad news?

You’ve got to
decide if it’s for you. Because 
the price goes ups at the end.

So do you want to build a super list of
profitable subscribers or just prove to
yourself you can rank your videos?

Or do you want to keep sitting on the
sidelines – waiting for a miracle that
probably won’t ever come?

I’ll leave that call to you. All the
information you need is right here…

>>Go Decide Immediately

Take care,
Thanks for reading 
Zora Blume

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[BLOG]-Heads up… you should try to get in early 3 day Blowout! Contest….


Omar & Melinda Martin are doing
another weekend Blow Out launch
starting this Friday for a product
called The Contest Leaderboard.

Anybody that sell a product online

needs this.If you plan to sell anything

online you are gonna absolutely love this!

You’re sure to start seeing a metric
ton of emails about it soon enough.

But… check this out, I’m actually one
of their affiliates and I’ve gotten
an early access link that I can share
with you!



There is sure to be a bottle neck at
the order button on Friday morning
so it would be wise to watch their
video now.

This Contest Leaderboard plugin is
truly revolutionary. Don’t dismiss it.
This is a software tool for WordPress
that enables you to embed live leader
boards on your JV page!


See the VIDEO

*You can also use this to put live
leaderboards on your HTML pages
with an iFrame!

You can work your butt off to try and
get affiliates onboard to promote your
product but nothing compares to the
what this little tool can do.

This literally creates a sales frenzy

for your offer because the affiliates

battle it out to climb the live leaderboard.

It’s insane, I’ve seen it personally and
thats why I am recommending that you
grab this thing as soon as you can.

Omar and Melinda have been using this
tool esclusively for years but now they
are relkeasing it as a plugin. They’re
giving you a great deal this weekend as
their grand opening special, BUT…

This will sell out fast and the price will
nearly triple after their weekend launch
special is obver!

Get in early cause this is gonna be

Thanks for reading ,See You Inside,

Zora Blume

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Everybody needs this BloggBuddy My [BLOG]Review

My Review By Zora BLume


Today My friend Brian Oliver is

releasing his brand new WordPress



If you like free back links and traffic facing

back to your blog Like I do, you will love this

new Blogg Buddy.


Blogg Buddy takes out all of the hard work out

of going and searching for blogs that are good

enough to get back links and traffic to your

blog post easy.


Before Brian let me have the Blogg Buddy to

test it out .


I had to blog hop the old fashion way.

You know the old way is to research in  Goggle

to find websites that are in your niche that are

getting traffic and people commenting.


Most of the blogs you find are not what your looking for or

they never have any body coming to their blog .

You can spend hours and only find a few that will send you

traffic or back links.

I am sooo happy ! Brian came out with this new Blogg Buddy

  • Its easy simple but really powerful.
  • I t will go find blogs in an instant .


All you do is set the search settings and your keyword.

  • It will search by website page rank like 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • It will search by website Back links.
  • It will search by website Alexa Rank.
  • It will search websites with Commentluv.
  • It will search by website keyword.
  • It will search by website keywords one week old.
  • It will search by website by keyword Allintitle.
  • It will search by website by keyword+google.

It saves me hours of time, it’s fast ,it brings me back links ,

traffic, from good high ranking website that are in my

niche ,and on the same suject of my post .


I love this Blogg Buddy and I am spoiled now and would

not give it up.

I highly recommend Brian’s new BloggBuddy

whole hartedly It’s great.

This video explains it much better than i can: SEE The VIDEO 


Click here to find out more:




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Welcome to part 6 of ‘7 Reasons Why you’re Failing to get Traffic’.

Welcome to part 6 of ‘7 Reasons Why you’re Failing to get Traffic’.

If you remember, in post 5 I explained: Building a list and building it the right way
Today we will be discussing a very important reason for people to get Traffic’.

Reason 6: Not doing keyword research

"Free image courtesy of"

If you’re like me you hate doing keyword resource .I think it is one of the most burying mundane thing there is .

And what I really hate about it is when I get started I can go on for hours researching. I follow the keyword to the path of most the available candidate to become my keywords of choice.

You my hate it but it is very (necessary to your success) the internet runs on keyword period. You cannot function on the internet without the right keywords.

You might not realize it but from your first move of logging on to the internet you are using keywords .Your login and password are keyword to get started.

You type in the search the keyword mail to check your mail. You click on your favorites and the keyword goes in to search for you and to a site you picked.

If you want to know if it’s going to rain you type in search weather forecast or to niche it down you would type in the key words (local weather).

That’s why you have to do keyword research you need the exact keyword that when people type in search .They will go directly to you site or webpage.

Example if you have a hamburger restaurant some of your key words would probably be something like sandwiches, burgers, cheese burgers, restaurant.

But they would not be keywords like cow, milk, hot dogs. See how important keywords are.

There is a whole lot more which can be said on this subject. Learn
everything I haven’t been able to fit into this email at:

6 Steps down and only 1 more to go, the next step is the final
reason you need to know to get more traffic.

However, you must wait till next time to find out what it is 🙂

Until next time…

Zora Blume

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