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Zora Blume



Watch the video! 

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You’ve Been Banned!!2015


logosimple 2015






This is massive Huge! !  John Thornhill is giving this away for the price of a cup of coffee!! Cut 8 years of mistakes and LEARNING off of your list. Go for what works now. All of the years of his knowledge on how to get traffic in one spot ! What else is there to say! This is the most no brain-er there ever was Go get it now before its gone forever. >>> Click Here to get Simple Traffic Solutions


A few years ago John Thornhill logged into his Google AdWords account to find out he had been banned from running ads. What made things worse was the mighty Google didn’t give any explanation.

One thing that was for sure is they didn’t want his business, and the chances are that if you’re in the IM niche they don’t want your business either. They can afford to be selective with their ad program as they have huge corporations pumping billions of dollars into their bank accounts, small guys like us who promote the typical Internet Marketing related product aren’t needed. So Google give us a hard time.

The truth is that if you rely on Google for your traffic you are playing a dangerous game. They can close your AdWords account without explanation. However, John doesn’t rely on Google for any of his traffic and last year his websites received over 2 billion hits. Yes, you read that correctly, OVER 2 BILLION HITS, and it didn’t cost him one cent.

>>>  Click Here Simple Traffic Solutions 

And the good news is John shares how he generated every single click in his latest product, Simple Traffic Solutions. A step by step traffic generation program that can help you get all the traffic you need to your websites. So if you need to drive more traffic to your websites (who doesn’t) then this is something you need to check out.

To Your Success


Click Here To Get gobs of FREE Traffic >>>  Click Here Simple Traffic Solutions 













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How Do I Use The Autoresponder To Build My Business Leads List


By Zora Blume


  1. The most important decision is to always be honest .If you offer your subscriber something, be sure they receive what you offered. Be sure to explain what you are offering with a good description.

  2. Of course learn the rule and never spam people. You can get into some costly problems if you are not following the rules. And most people will report you and delete you anyway so you will not gain any long term subscriber that way.

  3. Format your emails like a real letter .Have their name and a hello dear “Name of the person” a greeting like how are you this fine day. Maybe something that you have been doing today or this week .Then in the opening, tell them why you are contacting them. Maybe you want to show them an article, on line that has info you thought they could use? Maybe you want to tell them about a new blog post you just wrote? Or maybe you have a product they need that’s at a discount? At the end give your regards and sign your name .And it always good to have a P.S. with something like, a to be continued in my next email so be looking for it next week.

  4. Learn everything you need to know about using your auto responder. There are some nice features that lots of people don’t even know they have. They have lots of templates and op-in forms that have many options.

  5. Don’t Use False or Misleading Header Information – The From, To and Reply To information must be accurate and not misleading in any way

  6. Learn why do you want to build a List?Automatically Follow-Up – An email list allows you to multiply your time in a way that would require a cloning machine! With auto responders you can have a follow-up system in place that makes sales for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

  7.  Learn why using Aweber for Email marketing. High Deliverability – One of the most important factors you need to consider is whether or not your emails are getting to their targeted inboxes. If they’re not, all your efforts are for nothing. Aweber provides top-deliverability to its customers. They are constantly working hard to establish relationships with internet service providers so emails from Aweber will be delivered, not diverted to the Junk Folder. Aweber has one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry.

  8.  Learn HTML or Text Messaging or Both?HTML – You know those emails you get that are colorful, include pictures and fancy text? Those are created with HTML code. Newsletters or ‘Ezines’ are often created with HTML messages. Text – Text messages are simply, text. There is no formatting, or color, images, graphics, bolding, italics or other accents.

  9.  How to find targeted and interested Subscribers. The most common way to build a list is by placing an opt-in form on a website or sales page and having people fill it out. Whenever someone visits your blog or website, there should be a clear place for them to subscribe to receive more information from you.

  10. Identify The Message as an Ad – You must notify your subscribers that they are reading an ad.Include Valid Physical Location – You must identify your location within every email you send out.

  11. The great thing about Aweber is that it helps you do many of these requirements automatically. For example your physical location is added automatically to the bottom of each email.

  12. You also have directions on how to opt-out of your Aweber email lists automatically added to the bottom of each email. Finally Aweber unsubscribes people immediately upon request, so no worries about getting yourself in trouble with the 10-day removal time frame.


Is this all we know?


Click here to get it free

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Why Does he have SEOand PPC in there?That was the Question?

Somebody Asked Why Does he have SEOand PPC in there?

John’s new Simple Traffic Solutions course is like a restaurant menu, it has all of the different items that can be offered but you only consume the ones you need or like. PPC is not needed or necessary!

You can skip it and SEO if you want . John only covers a little bit on SEO. A complete course on traffic can’t leave out something without shorting you on your training. John likes to deliver the best product he can for you .

But you need to be shown what it is because it’s a traffic method that a lot of people do us daily. Did you know a lot of people turn their noise up at PPC like it’s something worse than it can be but there are some people using it and making millions?  Click Here !

It gets a bad rap because some people lose their butts using it so John Tell how using PPC can be costly. He did not want to leave out all of the different methods. If you don’t include all of the different ways that have been used and will be used .

Eventfully if you stay in internet marketing you will come across these different Traffic avenues. If he does not show you how that methods works or used to work you will not of been fully informed in the course .

Some people will use SEO Because it show the standard layout of a post or article .In your post you have the H1, the big text title with key words, The H2 sub text the body with keyword, and then the end signature. Click Here !

The reason he talks about not doing SEO is when you write your post it will be SEO naturally without planning to SEO .If you write about your subject the word are naturally the keyword.

The Google Panda Update, Changes was because Google wants more natural post not a bunch of keyword .Natural post/articles are laid out the same as SEO without keyword stuffing. Hope this Help you out.  Click on the image !

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New eBook part 4 To be Continued

Well I’m almost done just some nip and tuck here and there. But its still going to be a few more days before I’m done with my digital  ebook. Believe it of not I’m thinking of adding more to it . Maybe I should just find a end point and stop but you know when your trying to do your best.

Trying to give good value like you wood expect for yourself can be a good thing. If you think you have put in good value hopefully the customer will also think the same. If your customer enjoys it and find somethings in there they can use .

Then you have completed what you where tying to do. There are a lot of ebook out there some are similar as others .I’m trying to make my ebook different form other more unique  as possible so people can enjoy some thing a little different.

In the period of time since my last post like I said above I almost finished my ebook . But I also worked on my sales page, my thank you page ,my affiliates page , my opt- ins ,my email thank yous ,My graphics, my blog post, and so much more.

So you can see I have done a lot of stuff and been very busy .That’s why its been a long time in between posting on my blog. I should keep up with my post ever day but I don’t always have time for every thing . Some times  I get busy and just forget to do a post or some other chore I’m supposed to do.

I have some parts in the book about this time management . As soon a I get cought up Im going to set up my time management lists. On the list I will have check boxes . When you go down the list doing you chores 1,2,3 check each one off ,done. Get to the end of your list and your done for the day.

If you don’t miss any of the check boxes you should have every thing completed. I use a list ever day even if im just going to the store for a loaf of bread. If I go without a list I will end up talking to people and looking around and just piling stuff into my cart. And guess what when I get home I have a lot of extra stuff and no bread the main item I was after.

Well that’s it for part 4 I rambled along ,back to work and hopefully by the time  my next post is out I will be ready to publish my book .See ya in part 5


I finished it Check it out here >>>  http://freetrafficmasterplan.com/

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New eBook part 3 To be Continued

Part 3

Well in part one I was talking about how I was excited to get done with my brand new electronically built digital e-book in maybe  a week . But no it did not happen Tragedy struck I’m still  working on it .I got busy and was doing really good with a lot of progress and then everything came to a hold.

I tried to continue but I could not get going .I got slower and slower until I came to a complete stop .At first I was wondering why was I not able to go on like I aways do .I usually work every day all day long with only lunch ,dinner ,bathroom break.I then realized I had become ill with a flu or cold and was zapped of all my energy .

I would try every day to do some work anyway but I would not get much done.But now I have some more energy I’m going again not full speed but maybe at one third speed .

At least I’m getting some stuff done now.I’m still not finished with my ebook yet because I had to rearrange some parts of the book because I had some new idea to add to the ebook that I thought would give good added value to my customers .

I added some more traffic getting avenues to help with giving more ways to get traffic.The more ways I can add in the better the choices they will have.They can continue with each method until they have all in  force .

After all are set up they can continue with the best and abandon the rest if they like.Most of your sources Will bring traffic of some sort.Some sources will bring a lot and some will bring a little .Add the small traffic source together with the larger sources and they all add up and enhance each other.

Hopefully in another week or so i will be at a end of my ebook.There will be a celebration when that day comes. To Be Continue in Part 4

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New eBook part 2 To be Continued

Part 2

If I could only get some traffic? That’s what a lot of people say .Getting traffic is great but it’s not enough by itself. You have to concentrate on what you are doing. Finish the project you started. Don’t stop and go off to start another project. Every thing you do in your quest for traffic and sales.Building your business depends on you finishing each traffic stream in a timely manner.

Building your products setting up your blog your offers all need to be in place and completely ready. When your traffic stream in done and ready to turn on you should have your offers already to receive visitor browsers and buyers. The whole funnel has to flow from start to the thank you for buying page. So you will be wasting your time getting traffic without each project done and in place .

Always test all aspects of your funnel after it go’s live test the traffic link to your offer. Test the buy now button, test the down load button and page, the thank you page, your automatic email responses. Make sure the whole funnel is completed and works. You see it’s not just about traffic you could be having a problem somewhere else.

In my research I found that one of the main reasons people fail to get traffic or fail all together with Internet marketing is they listen to this guru, and than this one, and than this one, start here ,go there and never finish the one project their working on if they would finish maybe it could be offered and sold. The person that has a blog built and a product to sell makes more money than a person that doesn’t have anything to offer or finished.

I do the same thing sometimes I will start something and then go do something else. I will get busy doing other things and completely forget about that project. Latter on when I get some time to clean and straighten up my files I will come across it. Then if it’s still revaluate to the times I will start on it again. Hopefully I will have learned my lesson to finish up a project by now and finish it. I will continue with More in Part 3…

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New eBook part 1 To be Continued


I’ve been writing my new eBook for 3 month now and I’m hoping to finish up in another week or so . It seems like its taking forever and I’m so excited I can’t Wait to get it done and out there. My eBook is about getting free traffic and how to automate it so you don’t have to do any more to it.

Free traffic is what everybody wants and needs .I’ve been getting together in this guide the traffic secretes that the guru have used from the very beginning of their marketing careers. They still use most of these method’s even today .These avenue’s of traffic have worked in the past and are working now today .The guru’s swear by and use them every day. The first week I was doing all of my research to make sure I had the A to Z of each avenue of traffic .

I also looked at what the big time marketers this year where doing and suggesting. I’ve learned that all of the big marketers are still using the same method’s as most marketers. They use mostly free traffic but if they want a burst of traffic like when they do a launch for a new product they will use paid traffic .They use paid traffic as you would with any of their other marketing tools .

You hear a lot of bad things said about paid traffic like it’s to be avoided always. If you look there’s a lot of marketers using paid traffic every day. So when done right it is a useful tool in your bucket to use wisely. Like I said most people would rather use free traffic so I’m concentrating on mostly free but i will cover a little of all forms of traffic including some paid methods.

There are some traffic secrets that the big time marketers keep to their selves best they can .I will be covering the secrete ways they get free traffic. I will show you how they set up their traffic to be automated so they get free traffic from now on and  with no more intervention on their part.  All this writing I’m getting finger cramps I’ll continue in part 2

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