Second day: Mindmapping

Second day was all research and goal planing . I’m very excited with the whole process my mind is churning on all of the direction and opportunities ,avenues I have. I set up the first monetary mind map .

And tomorrow more research and develop a work schedule. I will be blogging each day on my daily work and result daily in take gross receipts if any.

These daily blog will chronicle my trial and tribulation successes and failures . Well I’m hoping for more success than failures but I will show the good and the bad as it reveals itself.

These daily blog post will become an audio that will be transcribed after the 9 mounts into my eBook product. This eBook will be my front end product for my launch in November or December.

Here is my first draft of my mindmap plain Omar and I have master mind out in my one on one call with Omar.I hope you like the posts and follow along with me in my journey.

Leave a comment and suggestions if you can thing of a way I can tweak and improve my plan as i go along Any good suggestion are welcome .

Well tomorrow I will start my OP 2 trailing 2 hours section a day. I will search for the 3 social media gigs. And for fiverr gig and can offer. Ready to got going.

Mindmap goal



The mind map I used here is free to use (M!8 Mind Map) it is a free app in my computer apps in windows 8.1 it has an upgrade for more features like colors and things .I just went to my search bar in my computer and typed mind map and it show 3 apps this was the best for me. I just found this yesterday
Until Tomorrow

Thanks for reading

Zora Blume

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