Recipe for disaster

When building a product from a program that has a proven system that works. Or when you are in a program course learning how to build a product to sell.
You need to follow the directions to the letter. If you change things as you are building your project you will not get the some results as the vendor.
For example take the best Blue ribbon recipe of the world. This is the best recipe that won the top grand prize blue ribbon for cakes in the nation wide contest .
The winning recipe will be honored and is to be  added to the cake line of the huge national bakery co. as a new product
You and one other person will be having a bake off to see if you can copy and have the same results. Now if you follow this recipe step by step in order of the directions you should have the same good taste that won the blue ribbon contest.
Or you could have the opposite  and end up with an  Altered recipe. But if you skip the steps and add the ingredients at the wrong time in the wrong order or if when you are putting the ingredient together and you don’t have say like flour and you use corn mill or buttermilk instead of  milk .
If You don’t think it will make that much difference you are wrong . That’s why your cake taste funny and not good. Not funny ha ha but funny like in bad .That’s were the disaster part comes in. 
For the contest you both had the chance to use the same recipe to bake a cake. So you have 10 people and they will pay 1 dollar each to taste your competitors slice of cake and they will pay 1 dollar to taste a slice of your cake.
Your opponent uses the recipe the exact right way right by the directions and used the exact ingredients called for.
You skip around and don’t follow the direction in order and you use some ingredients like the corn mill instead of flour because you think you can do better than the recipe like grandma did.

You watched  Grandma bake when you were younger and she would put a dash of this and a dash of this and never follow a recipe to the letter .And you think it dose not really matter if you skip around and use substitutes.

Now grandma always made good stuff ,but you ain’t grandma and you don’t know how to do a grandma freestyle and make it work.

The result !What happened is the 10 people that tasted your opponent cake are delighted because it tastes good as the winning blue ribbon cake recipe did. And your opponent will have them come back in the future to get more good cake because it was as good as the winning recipe was, And he will have made $10 dollars.
What happened when the same 10 people pay the dollar and tasted your cake. Your cake dose not taste good like the winning cake . It really taste bad so the people get a refund. You end up with No money $0 dollars.
And they will never come back to buy cake from you again. If there is a review button you also get bad review. So the lesson from here is don’t change the training or skip ahead or back and forth and expect to get the same result others  have.
Follow the instructions and get a similar result as others ! Hope this helps you to understand why you may not be getting the results !
And don’t blame grandma it’s your project! 
You choose
Thanks for reading 
to your success
Zora Blume
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