“Reasons Why You’re Failing to get Traffic’.

Are you having troubles getting people to come to your site page.  I’ll reveal 7 key reasons why most people fail online to get Traffic. Hopefully you’ll be able to avoid these mistakes and
be more successful as an Internet marketer.

So let’s get right into it.

Reason 1: Wrong SEO Tactics.

SEO includes domain names, keywords, Meta tags, and lots of others actions.

Number one you need to start at the beginning to find the
first reason that you are not getting traffic. There are step by step systems
for getting traffic. You can get traffic one way or the other. It’s not your
fault that you’re not getting traffic .When you first start out you see and
hear about all the traffic the other marketers are getting.

You try to get traffic you set up what you think will bring some and you wait and wait some more but you don’t get any visitor’s. If you do get some visitors its very few. You’re not the only one having this problem. First thing you think is people don’t like my site, the way it looks, or the product you have for sell. You think to yourself I’ll just change the whole thing I’ll put all new stuff on my site.

But before you go to all that trouble Waite !your site probable is not the reason you’re not getting
traffic .People have not seen you site so that could not be the main reason.
The main number one reason is your domain name is not correct or not needed by
people. Your Domain is the number one thing to get traffic. People type in the
search space what they “want”. You have to pick a domain name that is what
people “want”.

For example a domain name like (http://.www.ceramic Horse.com).
People looking for ceramic horse will come to you site. THAT’S THE NUMBER ONE
REASON other marketers are getting FREE SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC TO WHERE EVER THEY WONT IT TO GO. Oops sorry for yelling, I’m not yelling at you, just showing it’s important.

But if you have the incorrect domain like just (horse.com) people going to horse.com aren’t looking for what you have ceramic horse. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR real horses or pitchers of horses. Your domain is the starting point where people are searching for what they need or want.

SO when you pick your niche, your domain name has to have
the main keyword of your product. Like if you have wood rocking chairs to sell.
Your domain keywords would be (wood rocking chairs.com)it should look like this
(woodrockingchairs.com) I spaced the word out in the example so you could read
it better the words in a real domain all touch together.

If you use a domain like (chairs .US) or (woodchair.ORG) or (rockingchair.info).You might not get the traffic you want. And as you can see in the wrong domain example I used .us, info, org these don’t have the traffic pulling like (.com) has so always try to use (.com) to get traffic. Well I hope
you can use some of this to help you. I’ll see you in my next post in lesson number 2.

So reason number 1 why you fail online to get traffic is by using wrong SEO tactics.Hope this helps you out some.Thanks for reading.

Until my next post…

Best of luck with you site

Zora Blume

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