[Blog] My First TeeShirt Design Is live

Well here we go ! I decided I like
tee-shirts and the different designs.
There are probable thousand .


I’m sure there is a tee-shirt design
for just about anybody’s taste .
My first attempt at designing and selling apparel
is a learning curb.

I’m already finding out a lot about how to design
and what not to do when you are building your
art work or fonts.

First I have found you don’t even have to have
artwork. You can design and have a tee-shirt done
with just text if you like.

You can do just about anything you want except
for infringing on other peoples art or text and
intellectual properties.

You can’t use sport team logos or name ,you can’t

use actor or music industries face’s.

You can see it live Here:>>


They are price Normally @

Hanes Tagless Tee-33.99
Gildan 8% Heavy Blend Hoodie-$49.99

I desired to have a special $ 10.00 discount

on the first ones.

Here is my Ad header and ad copy I used below:



(Limited Edition)

-10 DAYs

Ad body copy: 

Tees or Hoodies in the and sizes of your choice.

I’m selling Hanes Tagless Teeshirts and Heavy Blend
Hoodies below is the prices with a $10.00 discount
already included:
Hanes Tagless Tee-23.99
Gildan 8% Heavy Blend Hoodie-$39.99
You can View Sizing Chart &
Product Details
There is Only 5 more needed to print!
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3 Day Blowout Starts Friday Mar 20,21,22 Special…

MUA is composed of over 250 pages of rock
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Everything that They  use to run thier daily

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Go get it now :


P.S. I have a good Bonus

Plus a have added a bonus Go check it out  BONUS

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[BLOG] Would $1000+ Per Month Help You?

John Thornhill A ton of people have already
jumped on board to take part
in this live product creation

if you want to join us the 2nd
training session starts at 5pm
EST today.

The plan is to teach
you LIVE how to get you to $1000+
per month in the shortest time


The recording from the 1st workshop
is in the members area so you can get
caught up before the 2nd live session
later today. Remember,

as this is LIVE
you can ask questions and see exactly
how I do things.

Everything is explained
on this page so go and check it out and
hopefully I’ll see you later today.


Until next time... Thanks for reading

Zora Blume

P.S. Hurry the price goes
up each week get in early and save!

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[BLOG]Amazing 15 Year Old Finds Secret and makes $18,o76 less Than 3 days!


                                                                    By Zora Blume

Now there’s a reason the product I’m aboutMC160x600a

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And that’s because it does exactly what
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P.S what are you waiting on hurry before the special is

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Thanks for reading

Zora Blume

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[Live today] Brand New, Never Seen Before 50 PLR MEGA Package…

By Zora Blume


Have you ever wanted a list of online products as

long as your arm? Just like the guru ! Are you all

way wondering to your self yourself, just how do

they do it? Product launch after product launch,

pumping product out after product earning huge

revenue for basically very little work!

Go Watch the video

That’s the online lifestyle we all want to have right?

Well now you can have all those products done for

you. Yes, you to can join the ranks of the product

developers and create your own profit pulling niche

products within minutes from now.


How can you do this?

PLR experts Dave Nicholson and Dan Sumner, the

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50 PLR MEGA package which gives you your very

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Check it out below, this is NOT TO BE MISSED:

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Remember, these guys have taken all the hard

work from product creation, so you don’t have to.

This is insane value right here.

Thanks for reading.

Zora Blume Authorized Agent



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[BLOG]-Heads up… you should try to get in early 3 day Blowout! Contest….


Omar & Melinda Martin are doing
another weekend Blow Out launch
starting this Friday for a product
called The Contest Leaderboard.

Anybody that sell a product online

needs this.If you plan to sell anything

online you are gonna absolutely love this!

You’re sure to start seeing a metric
ton of emails about it soon enough.

But… check this out, I’m actually one
of their affiliates and I’ve gotten
an early access link that I can share
with you!



There is sure to be a bottle neck at
the order button on Friday morning
so it would be wise to watch their
video now.

This Contest Leaderboard plugin is
truly revolutionary. Don’t dismiss it.
This is a software tool for WordPress
that enables you to embed live leader
boards on your JV page!


See the VIDEO

*You can also use this to put live
leaderboards on your HTML pages
with an iFrame!

You can work your butt off to try and
get affiliates onboard to promote your
product but nothing compares to the
what this little tool can do.

This literally creates a sales frenzy

for your offer because the affiliates

battle it out to climb the live leaderboard.

It’s insane, I’ve seen it personally and
thats why I am recommending that you
grab this thing as soon as you can.

Omar and Melinda have been using this
tool esclusively for years but now they
are relkeasing it as a plugin. They’re
giving you a great deal this weekend as
their grand opening special, BUT…

This will sell out fast and the price will
nearly triple after their weekend launch
special is obver!


Get in early cause this is gonna be

Thanks for reading ,See You Inside,

Zora Blume

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Everybody needs this BloggBuddy My [BLOG]Review

My Review By Zora BLume


Today My friend Brian Oliver is

releasing his brand new WordPress



If you like free back links and traffic facing

back to your blog Like I do, you will love this

new Blogg Buddy.


Blogg Buddy takes out all of the hard work out

of going and searching for blogs that are good

enough to get back links and traffic to your

blog post easy.


Before Brian let me have the Blogg Buddy to

test it out .


I had to blog hop the old fashion way.

You know the old way is to research in  Goggle

to find websites that are in your niche that are

getting traffic and people commenting.


Most of the blogs you find are not what your looking for or

they never have any body coming to their blog .

You can spend hours and only find a few that will send you

traffic or back links.

I am sooo happy ! Brian came out with this new Blogg Buddy

  • Its easy simple but really powerful.
  • I t will go find blogs in an instant .


All you do is set the search settings and your keyword.

  • It will search by website page rank like 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • It will search by website Back links.
  • It will search by website Alexa Rank.
  • It will search websites with Commentluv.
  • It will search by website keyword.
  • It will search by website keywords one week old.
  • It will search by website by keyword Allintitle.
  • It will search by website by keyword+google.

It saves me hours of time, it’s fast ,it brings me back links ,

traffic, from good high ranking website that are in my

niche ,and on the same suject of my post .


I love this Blogg Buddy and I am spoiled now and would

not give it up.

I highly recommend Brian’s new BloggBuddy

whole hartedly It’s great.

This video explains it much better than i can: SEE The VIDEO 


Click here to find out more: 





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His dreams become a reality! My NEW BLOG review …


This new product  LAUNCHED  Thursday, 28th

August at 6:00 AM EST SHARP! You definitely

don’t want to miss this! I’m adding this review a little

late so be sure to check it out before the launch ends.

Go check out the video here


This is by far the most powerful money making

eBay/Amazon product I have ever seen and its so

easy to set up its just plain silly not to get involved.

After banking close to $10,000 in 45 days using

the method


Thomas generously decided to share this super

simple method  with the world!


Here’s how he did it on the  NEXT PAGE


It’s on a dime sale with a very low price to start,

my advice – Get in now while the price is low! I

reckon the price will blow up fast!


He has created the most simplistically laid out

step by step blueprint I have ever had the pleasure

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And hes gone one better, he has put a ridiculously

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So What Is eZon Income Formula?

It’s A proven and effective method of making money

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By taking advantage of the millions of daily “money in hand”

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From creating the perfect listing, attracting endless traffic not

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selling items with little to no competition in seconds and a

whole lot more!

>>> Go watch the video HERE!

This could quite possibly be the hottest eBay method to ever

break out to the public!

Thanks for reading my Review

Zora Blume


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Last Chance…Ends at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT !…

OK, this is it, the LAST CHANCE

Everything ends at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, so make sure you grab

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Regards, Zora Blume
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Use the video
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New [Blog] Product launch Control my Review-it’s live now



Right now Product Launch Control is at a staggering

low launch price, but it’s creeping up on dime sale,

so the sooner you can invest the cheaper it is going to be.



Here’s some of the stuff in the product

Exclusive step bystep training

Never seen before launch mind maps

Exclusive step by step check lists

Printable worksheets

7 hugely informative modules

Power point presentations

Exclusive private members opportunities

Launch Case studies

And much much more…

You need to grab this for yourself   

If you have or ever have wanted to launch a product

then this is for you. If you have ever wanted to launch

a product like the big gurus, then you need to check this

out this weekend! Use the video

Go watch the video

below and check out the hype:


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