New [Blog] Launch Control Center! My review, go read







Right now Launch Control Center

is at a staggering low launch price,

but it’s going up

after the sale, so the sooner you can

invest the cheaper it is

going to be.

The Launch Control Center does exactly

what is says on the tin.

The whole program is geared to allow it’s

customers to get the
best from their own product launches

with Daniel and Johns  help!


Here’s some of the stuff in the product

Exclusive step by step training

  • Never seen before launch mind maps
  • Exclusive step by step check lists
  • Printable worksheets

hugely informative modules

  • Power point presentations
  • Exclusive private members opportunities
  • Launch Case studies
  • Personal training where they show you

exactly how to develop your launch and

marketing skills.

  • Additional group training and interaction

to increase your marketing ability.

  • Case studies of expert launches from

them and other online markers.

  • Personal support if needed.
  • Exclusive access to their launch group.
  • Your own product launch advertising

within the group.

  • Product launch community and peer

support and


  • And much much more…

You need to grab this for yourself   

If you have or ever have wanted to launch a product

then this is for you. If you have ever wanted to launch

a product like the big gurus, then you need to check this

out this weekend! Use the video

Go watch the video

below and check out the hype:













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New [Blog] Lonnie releases The 10 step read my post review……

My good friend Lonnie Robinson has been in business many year . He has had  many successes and some really big one’s also.

When Lonnie  first started his  journey as an internet business owner,  he thought things would be easy.  He started out as a renegade marketer. He saw some people doing it that way and he  really thought that all he  had to do was just throw up a website, add an offer on it and then the sales would come rolling in! Right me and a lot of other thought that very thing ourselves.

Yes! He  thought people from all over the world would literally come running to his great new website with credit card in hand, ready to buy whatever  he had to offer. Just like me and others he  soon learned that this was not the case.


The truth is that he already knew how to run a successful offline business, so he just assumed that his online business journey would be much easier. He realized that in order to succeed in the virtual world,  Lonnie had to apply the same real world principles that were responsible for his earlier  success in the offline world.

Today, Lonnie is proud to share with you these 10 business principles that can take your business to higher heights as it has done for Lonnie  and my clients.

After years of  trying to copy others and getting less than satisfactory results . he used these 10 steps to renew and quit the earlier renegade way of business .And the 10 step propelled Lonnie to great success and his clients pay big tuitions be become success .

Now you too can have success as Lonnie is releasing the method he used to turn his business and his clients into real business.

And right now for such a low price Lonnie is making it easy and affordable to get his 10 steps and become a success .

Cut the learning curb short cut you success Go see the Video


Thanks for reading

To your success

Zora Blume

P.S. This is what you need to guide you . And you wont believe

how low of a price you can get all of this for.

Here’s the direct link to the Video were Lonnie Tells you all about it













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New[Blog] Very Exciting WebinarJam Studio is Live! Read my….


I’m extremely proud to announce that my friends Mike & Andy just opened the doors to their BRAND NEW software WebinarJam StudioTm.


WebinarJam StudioTm is awesome (and I mean AWESOME).

I’m confident in saying that they’ve reinvented the way webinars are done, again.

Don’t miss out… click here now.

1. The New Technology That Will Change The Way You Do Webinars

2. When I saw this, I almost lost it. Now it’s your turn to watch.

3. NEW VIDEO (special surprise announcement)

4. BREAKING NEWS (this directly affects YOU)

5. They probably shouldn’t have done this but they did.

Two of the smartest Marketers I know, Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime just posted this video up for you and it explains a new technology that will change the way you do webinars:








It shows you exactly what WebinarJam StudioTM is, why it’s reinventing the way webinars are run, and there’s even a special surprise announcement at the end 🙂




  1. Studio Control Center™ – everything you need to Create and Control every aspect of your webinar in one highly customizable interface
  1. Attendee SpotlightTM – now you can invite ANY of your Webinar Attendees to instantly become a guest, host, or presenter in your webinar at anytime.
  1. Hybrid WebinarsTM – Pre-Load up to 5 videos and go switch back to LIVE when each video is done. It’s like your Personal On Demand TV Studio
  1. Active Offers™ – we took a page from QVC and added 2 tools to increase both Urgency and Scarcity that’s guaranteed to increase your closing percentage.
  1. Feedback Flow™ – display key questions, comments, testimonials & new buyers with a simple click of a button
  1. Replica Replays™ – during your replays recreate the same excitement a live attendee gets by incorporated the live Chat Community exactly as it took place during the Live Webinar
  1. Jams on Demand™ Marketplace – with a simple check of a box when your Webinar Configuration is completed, your upcoming Webinar is added to the Jams On-Demand market
  1. Replays on Demand™ – your Webinar REPLAYS can ALSO be a part of the Jam On-Demand Marketplace. Now, you’ve got a continuous way to capture new registrants, and an always-on replay offer to generate new sales and profit.

But that’s not all…





Watch this special message and see why when you get WebinarJam StudioTM, you’re getting four products in one!


Sent you several emails earlier today in regards to this video.

It’s about a very important, new technology, that’s shaking up the industry.

I pride myself on helping you become as successful as possible and would hate for you to miss it.

Here’s the link to the video again.

Watch it now before you do anything else today.

Thanks for reading

Until next time

Zora Blume


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Day 6 Easter Sunday ….

First let me  say Happy Easter to all. I had a little battle

between me and my self  . Me wanted

to dig in and get a lot of work and stuff done.


But myself said no way dude ,it’s Easter Sunday a day to

celibate Jesus rising . Well myself was right of course

calibrating Jesus and Easter Sunday is way more important

than some old work stuff.


So  Easter Sunday did not do any work or research .

Just celebrated The relaxing Easter Sunday the day

Jesus risen up.

I will hit it hard tomorrow because Ill be a little rested

and renewed.
I hope everybody had a day of rest and enjoyed the

Easter Sunday .
To your continued success

P.S Sorry if your disapointed that i did not have any progress

to report.


But its not all about progress in it self it’s also about well

being and health and life in general.

Like they say all work and no life make Zora a dull boy.


But if you check back here in Day 7 you may see some

new and improved results .You never know whats next on

my check list to my goals.





Thanks for reading

See ya tomorrow in Day 7


Zora Blume

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Day 5 first blood towards my goal..

Hi and salutations, what a great day I woke up and I am still alive

the sun is shinning ,the temperatures are tolerable.


This is a great day the continue on my journey  even though I

can start to feel  the pressure  and  a little fatigue setting in .
I can tell that I’m in this one for the long hall ,I have to be

careful and not repeat what happened in 2012. Back in 2012

I started a new project and almost worked myself to death

literally because of my health problems.


I worked myself into exhaustion, It took me two months of

total rest not doing  any work to recover . I will continue

the long hours and work hard every day Because I made

a promises to do so.


But I will keep check on myself so as not to over do it.


So take notice and heed this lesson that you have to make

it all the way to the end goal.
When I feel I cant go on I will stop and rest a bit and even my
tasks and learning out. I don’t want to reach my goal and not be
able to enjoy,celebrate and continue on to the next projected goals.

I will save a little gas in the reserve tank so i can make it to the

next station.

Day 5

Oh yeah the head line that’s a play on the Rambo Movie  “First blood”

I made, step one to my Goal, I made $25.00 dollars that is a weekly recurring .

I already had this first one lined up and going but aim adding it in

because it is in line with my overall goals .

I hope some you  that read  this are as excited I am and to learn with me as i

go along . You never know what will happen along the way as your

plan my have to be tweaked and adjusted. 


In the worst case My plan my fail and have to be Discarded and replace

Time will tell . That is why each week I will stop and do a Analysis of where

things stand at each check point and adjust the plan as needed.

Well see you tomorrow with day 6 ,hope i have some good news

I have to go now get to work on my check list, do research ,a little

learning videos .


Thanks for reading and following along with my daily struggles

and successes!


To your success

Zora Blume

P.S. I have had a few people who have been giving me encouragement

and indicated they have been monitoring my journey.

I want to say Thanks it means a lot to me and it helps a lot when you

know your  writing  and somebody is actually reading , Just knowing

that keep you going . BIG THANKS




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Day four, the Continuance of my New Journey

I   did not start online to make money or to blog or be on social

media or listen to music or  watch video. As i have done all of

theses things  now in my time online I’ve done it all.

But my reason to join in on the internet was Totally and only one purpose

It was to Learn. After i discovered the internet a whole new world

opened up to me that was not available before.

I love learning something new everyday It’s like you are receiving a great gift every time.

I get so exited to start on a new en·deav·or and once started I can’t stop .

Like that word endeavor I heard it used before and I have said it time to

time but it is  just now, that I  learned how it is spelled.

So today was mostly opened up my training products and learning how to

use them . And the rest of the time I was building my new eCommerce

services website that i will launch soon.





I was working on my check list also

See ya tomorrow 

Thanks for reading.

Zora Blume 

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Day Three: Research

Well its day three and I had to do some offline work and chores.

I had to do these things because I get paid for doing them.

Got to have some pocket change while you build the business.


But I did do some really interesting research and found

some nice avenue to some data bases of the info I seek.
I did not even have time to make my work schedule

today . Well tomorrow is an other day don’t you know.

Tomorrow i will spend a lot of time learning new product

that i will be using in my journey to achieve my goals.
I would like to get my work Mind Map started also.

Will we see what a new day will bring I’m hopping

for some breakthroughs soon.

It’s really exciting when

you have goals and determinations to reach them.

It’s great to have a plan that will help guide me.
Thanks for reading!

I will make a blog post tomorrow of how thing are

coming along be sure to catch it .

Zora Blume

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Second day: Mindmapping

Second day was all research and goal planing . I’m very excited with the whole process my mind is churning on all of the direction and opportunities ,avenues I have. I set up the first monetary mind map .

And tomorrow more research and develop a work schedule. I will be blogging each day on my daily work and result daily in take gross receipts if any.

These daily blog will chronicle my trial and tribulation successes and failures . Well I’m hoping for more success than failures but I will show the good and the bad as it reveals itself.

These daily blog post will become an audio that will be transcribed after the 9 mounts into my eBook product. This eBook will be my front end product for my launch in November or December.

Here is my first draft of my mindmap plain Omar and I have master mind out in my one on one call with Omar.I hope you like the posts and follow along with me in my journey.

Leave a comment and suggestions if you can thing of a way I can tweak and improve my plan as i go along Any good suggestion are welcome .

Well tomorrow I will start my OP 2 trailing 2 hours section a day. I will search for the 3 social media gigs. And for fiverr gig and can offer. Ready to got going.

Mindmap goal



The mind map I used here is free to use (M!8 Mind Map) it is a free app in my computer apps in windows 8.1 it has an upgrade for more features like colors and things .I just went to my search bar in my computer and typed mind map and it show 3 apps this was the best for me. I just found this yesterday
Until Tomorrow

Thanks for reading

Zora Blume

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First day: New beginnings

So tankful for tomorrow is the first day of my new journey.

I have a new map and now i know the path.. I could not see

that i was in a rut and heading in the wrong direction .

The clouds and haze have lifted and i now can see how to

get out of this rut and go in the right direction.

It is so cool to know where your going“.

Just like the treasurer map with the big x marks the spot .

Only my new map is a goal map with a big x at my end

destination (MY GOAL).

I now have a plan that I will write down and get ready for

implementation !This will be my Map to the goal.

So ready and excited to get started.

Maybe you can follow along and get ideas for your map to

build your plan.



   (Well it’s reach my goals or bust!)


Building the mind map tomorrow!


Thanks for reading

Zora Blume

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Disturbing news for affiliate marketers! This is absolutely Killing IT….

Things are getting tougher.

Making affiliate income is

getting harder and harder.

Some people are using bad tactics..

You might have seen this
disturbing new trend;

They get a page ranked high
up on Google for a product

It links to a “review” on

But the YouTube video turns out

not to be a review about the

It’s a bait and switch video.

It’s a totally whole other

MLM product.

Really ?.

Makes you mad.

They’re doing this flim ,flam, scam

because it’s

becoming increasingly difficult
to stand out from the crowd.

The crowds abound.

And you need to fight to be heard.

So what if there was a way you
could differentiate yourself
from all the other affiliates?

A way you could get heard, get
noticed and get sales Galore?

Well, your in luck ! there is.

And it’s from my good friend
Michael Cheney who’s discovered,
tested, tweaked and perfected
the ultimate commission-creating

It works for newbies.

It works for oldbies.

It works for more advanced guys.

And it works even if you don’t
have a list. (Really).

Give your affiliate income
a quick, easy and permanent
boost right now;

Go get it now !

Every affiliate knows

that it’s getting

tougher and tougher

to make it as a affiliate.

The  signs are there

for all to see.

#1. Conversion rates, EPCs and

profits per promo are

declining each year.

#2. Email delivery rates,
open rates and click through
rates are down severely.

#3. Market maturity has led
to reluctance, skepticism
and even downright negativity
in the market

#4. More and more affiliates
are joining the marketplace
every single day

how can you rise above all
and continue to survive
and thrive?


You need to follow a proven
process that works.

get noticed, stand out from

the crowd, to differentiate

yourself from the pack of affiliates.

There is A way that’s been

used by the super affiliates

and newbies alike to rake in serious

commissions and dominate
leader boards.

This is special.

Even no-name affiliates are
reporting great results with
this and you can even do it
without a list.

Start multiplying your
commissions today;CLICK HERE


Thanks for reading,

Zora Blume


P.S. Are you still reading ?stop go watch the VIDEO now!





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