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Are you stuck! Having problems and just can’t figure out Why?

Every road you go down is a dead end or has a stop sign on every block That just makes you go at a snail’s pace. You feel so frustrated that you want to pull out your hair and scream.

Well guess what you’re not alone ,it’s not just you . There is hope ,it CAN be fixed ,it’s not permanent .You think that there is a evil super power and evil gurus that are against you. You think all of the people in your niche are trying to run you out and sabotage you. You know anywhere you go there are people like that but 99 % of the people and gurus are NOT like that.

So for I have not met anyone like  that , Most of the people will help you out, with a question if you ask . All of the stuff that you are having problems with come down to ONE thing. And if you fix this one thing  ,You can move forward.

shiny-brain-1150907The problem is with your BRAIN ,it has some bad data and viruses like an infected computer. You get out what you put in.

To fix your problems you will have to reboot your brain and remove the viruses. Now that you are ready you can start by getting your mindset right.

Do your research on what Knowledge you will require . You will have to start with a PLAN of action List all of you goal. List your timeline your starting point the end point and even your exit strategies.

What will you use to get where you are going? what vehicle? How will you know the way to go ?your MAP.How will you fund your plan? All business Need same Money to function .

Now that you are in your adulthood or some of you in your teens. Sometime in the past! in your education! you were though and programmed to fail. You don’t even know that you have been conditioned and taught to act and think like society wants you to.
You have been told go to school learn the subject that is presented and no others.After 12 years of school you will go to 2 or 4 years of college and after that, you will get a job .

You will work and give you “money to the government” ,get married have 1&1/2 kids, buy a house.In times of war, you will skip the job and join the military and do work for the government.It,s all in the data that has been put in your brain. You put the right information and you will go forward.

Your education started out in the right direction when you were a newborn and in your early years . It was only later after you enter the conditioning programming training of the school systems the change began .

When still in the early years You began to  learn the CORRECT WAY in infancy mom and pop taught  you the best they could with what the thought was best to their knowledge with input handed down through their parents and grandparents.

But there is a lot that they have to just guess and hope it’s the right thing to teach. Mom says don’t touch that hot fire burner it will hurt you. You being a baby and don’t know what she is talking about and haven’t learned to trust her yet.

You are not sure yet if she is just saying that or if she is right and looking out for your well-being.So your curiosity gets to you and next thing you do is  touch it but you do it very quick and lightly you half believe her so you don’t just stick you head in and grab it and you get BURNED .

This is one of your first lesson in the right WAY to learn. You learned that you can trust you moms teaching and she cared for your safety, You learned about fire ,heat,burns. You learned new words like a Big one (NO) ,stop, quit, that, don’t, do and , 4 letter words ~#*&.

Your mom and dad teach your first words and how to walk, she says say mom ma, dad says  dad da one of your parents get annoyed when you start calling him momma ,mom-a he says no!  I’m dad -da you say bab ba yuka mom-a and give dad the vibrating lip with the raspberry noise and ha ha ha ha ha .

Throw out the bad useless incorrect thoughts and change your Mindset and change your life . Re program you brain (computer) with only what you need to know to get the job done and go forward. You say ok I’m In, so how do I do that? You do it by learning the way you did at your beginning.

Emulate success and learn from successful people ,companies,learn their mindsets their personal and company credo  and goals, their time management ,their set-ups, and templates ,how they develop their winning campaigns and how they scale the winner up,and then how they automate. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, follow success learn to be a winner.

Imitate entrepreneurs because most of them have broken from, the mold and reprogrammed their mindset.That’s what the term Thinking out of the BOX means. Do not be rigid in what you are taught and be sure to be  malleable and flexible . You can deviate when necessary to adjust the plan as needed to keep moving forward thinking out of the box .

If a person says that for instance ,the main  problem is when traveling  from the start point  to my final destination take to long and by the time I get there everybody has left. This  is similar to the  problem with your website! it buffers and is so slow that people just get tired of waiting and leaves. If your mindset is stuck in the BOX you will only be about to think of things in a one-dimensional way.

An entrepreneur who thinks out of the BOX will come up with a way around ,under ,over,or outsource to someone to is already at the destination. The entrepreneur would go over the stop sign in a helicopter ,use the none stop subway train. The slow website the entrepreneur would set up a new site or pay someone to fix it.

Time is money sometimes it way cheaper to pay someone instead of you using your valuable time working on the technical stuff instead of the important part witch in marketing.

If you do everything right fix your mindset,emulate the successful marketer and companies. If you get everything setup right good sales copy great looking graphic. And you’re still not making the enough sales and can’t get JV’s even after you tested your sites made tweaks to the graphics and sales copy.

You are having one of these ,problems, You have not marketed yourself enough . You have to be liked or believed in, before people will follow you and buy from you.You  have their “TRUST” ,They must not have any doubt about trusting in you before they will buy from you.You have to be seen as the go-to expert in what you are offering before they will buy from you.

You need to remove all of their fears ,people fear of  buying on the internet they hear the horror stories of credit card fraud bad vendors and bad product, of people getting ripped off.

Fear can also be used to help sell , like if a product is a one time offer and will never be sold again .This is the fear of loss if they don’t get it now they will lose out.

You can use fear for sale with if they don’t get it before time run out the price will triple. They fear they will lose out on the bargain price forever or until it is on sale again but that might be a whole year from now.

Conclusion : Don’t be stuck in the Box! Learn only what you need to know and learn out of the box.

Be liked, Brand yourself and your business , Stand out ,be know for something,be controversial ,Make noise ,mostly good noise, That’s why some people use curse words in their webinar and videos , to shock and be controversial .

ALWAYS be yourself ,be genuine DON’T be a faker , people will see through that .Build your hup platform(BLOG WEB SITE),Be social on all mediums .

One of the main things to do in any business is to network and make friends in your niche. Remember most of the people in your niche are NOT your foe or enemies they are your allies(AFFILIATES) and you are Their allies (AFFILIATE) . Affiliates(SALESPERSON) sale your products and visa verse.

Thanks for Reading

Zora Blume






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So Amazing People Were Skeptical? Just see the lie detector results !

eCom Subscription Pro I was delightfully Surprised-

by Jon Bowtell and his eCom Subscription Pro 

Because THIS is not like all of the other ECOM product that has come out Lately !

On the other ECOM product you have to add like 50 products to your store and you

have to deal with all of that storage and shipping.
If you sell someone say, a necklace ,Then you have to convince them to buy something
else next time ,if you want to make another sell to them. That is hard to do, after they get their
purchase their happy and gone.
Thats one of the great things about eCom Subscription Pro . It’s the subscription part
The customer buys a product from you that they will be getting on a monthly or so bases.
Once they have bought from you once you never have to sell them again because they
will be buying the same product from you on a ongoing monthly basis until they no
longer need to.
Jon Bowtell knew that if he told you that his simple system had generated
him close over $150 per hour 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the last five
years, and that this kind of success is achievable by anyone, that it would
be just too unbelievable.

So he took a completely independent lie detector test to prove it to you.


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The Complete eCom Subscription Pro Ebook PDF

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eCom Subscription Pro contains only the pure, condensed, success systems that Jon

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It is a carefully, painstakingly crafted system that will work for you even if you have:

.Thanks for reading my review I recommend eCom Subscription Pro
Zora Blume
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My New gig starting 2016 out with launch of my new business!

I’ve had a few people asking about my sketch images I
posted on facebook .

So I decided it would be easy to make a post about it and
when some one ask.

I will direct them here to the post where they can get all
of the information I 
can think of to put here.

First off like so many people from all around the world .







I love artwork ,especially Pencil sketching so I am taking

people’s High quality resolution  photo that they send me
and I turn them into vintage sketchy looking pencil sketch.


 The better the quality of the photo they send me the better
the sketch will be.


I set up a store on fiverr and i’m charging$5 a gig for the
basic head and top of the  shoulder shot. In a black and white
sketchy sketch .


If they want color that is an extra.

Here is a Pencil sketch made from the Photo



man-2-897x1200sketch person-93459_1280









You can go over the my gig and submit a photo of you

or a pet, and I will make a Pencil sketch for you

at  http://zorablume.com/mysketching


 If you would like other thing just go through my Fiverr

store and contact me in there it has a mailing contact
me system. 



Thank for reading! 

Zora Blume 




Robert Corrigan

Very highly recommended, ordered 2 gigs AMAZING work!”

Robert Corrigan



9 Hrs ago


Awesome work!! Thank you so much for your amazing work and meeting our requirements! Above and beyond.





“Thank you so much, absolutely brilliant!”








“First class in every respect!”




3 months ago


Thank you so much, it was a hard job because of my image wasn’t that clear but you still manage to make it looks great. Much appreciate it.





Hello Zora Blume, David here and I must say, “fantastic job!” Your work is outstanding and we are very impressed. Not only will we be using your services again, but will be recommending you to all of our friends and family. Keep up the great work and to your success we wish the very best.





Great Work and Super Fast Delivery! Thanks Zora for over-delivering on value and professionalism. I am extremely happy with my order and I look forward to doing more business with you and recommending you to my clients and friends. Thanks again!





What a fantastic seller. Delivered well withing the time, and also added extra drawings! I can’t recommend this gig enough




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NewBlogPost CopyPasteCommissions+BONUSES


[Announcement] Special Bonus Update
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Because every affiliate
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Keep your eyes on your
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Zora Blume



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[Blog ] Review and Bonuses for The Super Product!


One of the smartest things
I have ever done was Get
this Training from Alex.

I highly recommend
The Super Product 


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Wow the bonus video on

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Amazing stuff well worth

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There is so much training and bonus training in here .
As i went through all of the PDFs and video I keep learning
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The training is amazing especially the numbers
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The way he show you how to know your number will allow

you to know all of you invested money and Your ROI before
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Be sure to not miss out on this and  hurry it’s on a  sale that means after the sale is over the sale

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What You Will Be Getting: For less than a cup of coffee at Only $4.95

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:You also will be Getting Two hours of step-by-step Audio Video

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Including…everything You need to conduct a profitable product launch

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No experience or technical knowledge needed”

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 :The Super Product   Star Case Studies. and much MORE..

The Super Product  stars many case studies including how complete

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Internet Explorer 7:
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Click here>> The Super Product

Thanks for reading

Zora Blume


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[Blog review] of The New Bloggers RoadMap check it out

Get ready to get Dan Sumners New Bloggers Roadmap
This is
 all new  PDF ,Videos, Chart,Trainings not  refreshed,
none of the old content .

The Bloggers Roadmap does exactly what is says on the tin.
The whole program is geared to allow it’s customers to 
get the 
best from their own blogs with Dan’s  help!

The front end price reflects quality and jam packed content to

allow bloggers and internet marketers of any level to
learn and profit!

Are you ready to get your blog on?

Blogging is back and it’s making money!

People are craving info and they are being drawn towards blogs
to find it.

Listen, you may be thinking that you don’t want to provide free
information to people because it has no returns.. But you are wrong.

You see, by providing the information people want, you list build
and sell products and advertisements by default.

Why else are the number 1 bloggers in the world making fortunes
from giving away information. You don’t sell you give and this is
the reason people, buy, subscribe and click.

No hard sell
No sales emails
No problems

You will build subscribers like crazy…

So how can you do this?

In the next two days, the Bloggers Roadmap will be released at a fraction
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Most bloggers don’t listen to marketers or don’t know how to market
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realize it’s possible to
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Well let me tell you it is possible to make an income and it’s not as hard as
you may think.

Coming in the next two days, is a great book that you absolutely must read.

The Bloggers Roadmap is set for launch, so look out for my email when it’s
ready. This really is going to take you to the
 next level.

Thanks for reading,

Zora Blume















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[Blog] Read my Review -Video shows Proof how they make over $50,000 in the first 30 days

Hey guys,
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Thanks For Reading
Zora Blume



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[Blog] I’ll be back in biz, earning more than enough to never have to work for anyone ever again.

What Is Rapid Email Profits All About

The Rapid Email Profits System is training Alex Jeffreys did for his  inner circle answering one of the most common questions he is asked.

“Knowing what you now know, if you were starting from scratch with no list, no reputation, no money, and you needed money fast…what would you do?

The answer…the EXACT same thing he is doing today…he would apply his Rapid Email Profits System – a set and forget system for bringing in $300/Day working less than 20 minutes per day using a few simple copy & paste emails .

This newbie friendly (yet advanced) training pulls back the curtain and explains in detail the entire Rapid Email Profits System . It’s designed to get your customers to $300/day in a few weeks or less.

Click here

And the best part is that will work for you regardless of their experience, budget or time.

You  will learn everything from picking a niche, building a monster list on auto pilot, crafting money making emails in 20 minutes or less, to creating multiple streams of income and a whole lot more.

Alex is giving you the EASY BUTTON

He’s putting EVERYTHING into this product to make sure it BANG. I can assure you, you are going to LOVE you for this…

Check it out Here>>


Zora Blume












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[Blog] Rant Just because he’s Rich doesn’t mean he can treat people like that !

This guy they call RJ is obnoxious ,rude, politically
incorrect ,puts down old people, call people idiots
and stupid.


Just because he is rich he thinks he is better than
other people .


He says( he’s rich and you’re not!) He shows off all of
that money he make,drives in his fancy high dollar cars
with all of the beautiful blond girls.


Showing off by throwing big parties at the PlayBoy


If you got it flaunt it i guess.


But he is rich and makes lots of money and has the
product that many of the big marketers used to get
started .


These guys went on to make millions.They say it was his
product he launch 10 year earlier that showed them how
to make money on the internet.


Now he is back and he has updated and is launching this
updated and improved new version.


People are ecstatic and clamoring to get in on special
launch price before it’s too late.



Even though he is outrages and a jerk his product is a
winner for people who want to
make money online.


For what you get and the results you can achieve this
would be your chance to get started expectantly because
he’s selling it so cheap for all you get on the launch.


But beware that the price goes way up after the special
launch .


Even if you don’t take advantage and buy this at the
lowest price even. You can make a case study of this
for yourself as a swipe file .


In the study you can learn how to use negativity or
surprize ,shock marketing.


This case study will show how being a jerk and rude
gets you talked about and people will spread the
news of this guy who is so rude .


Even if you have no interest in purchasing the Rich Jerk
study and LEARN from IT.


>>Check It out CLICK HERE <<
(warning: strong language)




Thanks for reading

Zora Blume

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New [BLOG] Get your BONUSES for Pixel Studio FX

Hi welcome Your bonuses are below this  the review!

I  give this Professional cCover Pixel Studio FX 5-



STARS Watch the Demo video below!

How To Claim Your Colossal Bonuses?

Buy Pixel Studio FX on September 21st by clicking on the button on this page…
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    Clear Your Cookies

    Make sure you clear your browser’s cookies before proceeding to the next step.

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    Click the orange button below to visit Pixel Studio FX and purchase the software on September 21st.

  • 3

    That’s it

    We will track your purchase and activate your bonuses on launch day, so you can start right away!

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Pixel Studio FX Review:

The ultimate shortcut to professional eCovers, or another outdated pile of crap?

Countless case studies have shown that the right eCover or product packaging can make or break your sales.
But if you’ve ever tried to create eCovers, Amazon book covers, or just about any type of product packaging, then you’ll be familiar with the frustrations and costs involved.

From wrestling with complicated (and expensive) design tools that have way more features than you need to get the job done, to hacking a PLR graphics bundle, creating a cover for your product can be tricky.

Outsourcing is a sensible option if you’re busy and don’t have the right tools or skills, but it can get costly, particularly if you’re creating products on a regular basis.

Outsourcing also brings its own plethora of issues too. Writing up design briefs. Posting projects on multiple job boards. Selecting, interviewing and hiring the right designer. Back and forth with designers. It’s not as “hands-free” as you first hoped.

Which is why there’s a huge opening in the market for a reliable, simple tool that does nothing but create awesome cover designs.

A tool that doesn’t cost a fortune and try to blow you away with endless features you’ll never use.
A tool that does one job – create awesome eCovers – and does it better, faster and cheaper than doing it yourself or outsourcing to others.

Until now, there have been a handful of half decent eCover designers on the market. They seem to come and go, and the ones that still exist always seem to create sub-par, outdated designs that look like they’ve travelled in time from the 90’s.

What’s really been missing, is a dedicated eCover design tool that actually creates designs you’d be proud to put your name on, and actually put on the “shelf” for sale.

And that’s why a brand new tool called Pixel Studio FX caught my eye, and lured me in for a closer look.
Pixel Studio FX is a dedicated eCover design tool that allows you to design pretty much any type of product package at the push of a button, completely customizable to give you a fresh, unique design.

Let’s take a look at what it can do…


Hundreds of themes. So when you login (yes, Pixel Studio FX is cloud based, not clunky software you have to download and clog your hard drive) you’re presented with categories for your cover design on the left hand side. Immediately, you can see the quality design templates under each category and it looks promising, right?
Once you see a template you like, you click on it and choose a product style. There seems to be around 250 design templates over 20 categories, which is crazy. You can literally choose your exact product type, whether it’s a DVD, a report, or a video training package, there’s a 3D model for you in here.

Now it’s time to make it your own. First, you give the project a title, then you can literally add text, clip art, images, backgrounds and reposition and resize each element exactly how you want it.

Once you’re done, you simply preview your design, and it will show you what it will look like once you save it. Automatically, it turns your flat design into a 3d cover, based on the template you chose earlier. You can even choose to add a reflection or shadow too. And there’s also a social share option too, which would be great for running ads or doing a teaser prelaunch for your next book or product!

And that’s it.
Super simple, and far quicker than screwing around with overpriced design and photo editing tools.


What I like
• Zero technical hassles.
• Fast and simple.
• Stunning templates.
• Huge range of 3D cover models.
• Ability to save designs.
• Cloud based.

What I don’t like
I tried hard to think of something negative about it but I really can’t. Perhaps they can adBestPriceInLimed another feature in here that will allow me to export all types of models with 1 click, which will be cool.


Pixel Studio FX is a fantastic solution for small to medium size business owners who need a simple, tech free design tool where 95% of the work and creative elements are already taken care of. If you need a cover fast, there are plenty of templates you can customize and with the push of a button, turn into eye-catching 3D eCover models ready to go.
bannerPSFX300x250Pixel Studio FX is really a distraction free, get the job done and get it done well type of tool. And with so many templates and 3D models, plus the “barebones” editing options, you can absolutely find a premium cover that is right for you.

A quality product package can make or break your sales, and Pixel Studio FX gives everyone the chance to create quality designs, without the professional price tag.

If you want to bypass the hassle of hiring designers, and you can’t (or refuse to) buy high priced pro design tools that look like a pilot’s dashboard and take ages to master, then Pixel Studio FX is well worth checking out. A great way to save time and money, and create stunning covers at the same time, without compromise.

As I write this update, they also just added a further product to the frontend purchase and Pixel Studio FX now comes with “Cash Palette” included.

This includes a “Job Finder” software and training which shows you exactly how to make money online by providing design services to others.

The “Job Finder” software is a real time saver and automatically finds profitable design jobs online, which you can then fulfil using Pixel Studio FX. (You can find jobs that pay you up to $700 just for designing a cover!)
This product just got a whole lot better, and it’s really great value as you have the potential to make a few hundred dollars a day quite easily by fulfilling a few design jobs and the training is very easy to follow.

All in all, Pixel Studio FX is one of my favorite tools this year and I recommend you order your copy during their special launch promotion, as they’ll be increasing the price soon.











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