New [Blog] post: Old friend held me back.Now they got to go…



Well the year is at an end and soon the new year


Now is time to set down and make  the plan for the new

year 2017. In 2016 I had some goals that I missed and I

went astray chasing shinny thing down to many trails .

First item on the new 2017 plan is I’m sorry but I will

have to let go of some of my oldest friends some have

been with me for years. 


It’s time they have to go, first on the list is my old friend
Mr. Excuses Galore I have used him every time I make
mistakes, or when I don’t make my goals . 

Second on the list is my old pal Mr. Procrastination Latterman we would set around all the time and say you know we need to get that work done . He would say OK lets get right on it tomorrow. 

Third on the list is my old friend Mr. Hollywood Entertainment TV Jr. we would set for hours and hours watching shows when we should be getting our work done. 

Forth and fifth are Mr. Pessimistic Naysayer and Mr. Dark Negativity Both have to go they bring me down.

Only some of my old friend will have to be gone completely some I will cut back my time hanging around . 

Like my old friend Mr. Email Inbox some unsubscribing is in the near future for him. He will get less of my time in 2017 for sure.and Mr. Facebook . 

Mr. Facebook demands more of my time than is really needed . You will have to be happy with a lot less of my time from now on you will only get a small amounts. But it will be more quality time.

Same goes for You Tube ,Twitter, and other social media platform .As I remove the old friends I will add new friends that are even better than the old ones.

New friends like Mr. Responsibility he will not let me make excuses . Mr. Positive Outlook with him I can look at the bright side .I’m also keeping my old friend Mr. Exercise but I will allocate more time working out with him.

And Mr. Time Keeper He will keep me from spending to much time on Facebook and tell me don’t sleep in get that report out on time. And Mr. JustDoIt Now just get it done! Now your done with the research and learning about the niche just get it done.

I’m am going be sure to add Mr. Plan Layout he will show the way to go and how to say on track an meet my goals. Mr. Plan Layout will be a very important new friend .

He will have benchmarks for each time period like the first week benchmarks what should be done by then. If you miss the benchmark me and Mr. Plan will see if we are ahead or behind schedule and read-adjust the plan.

And I’m adding Mr. Take Action he will make me put the plan into effect. This is a small summery of new plan .

Be sure to make your plan and set benchmarks and add Mr. Take Action to your friends list so you will meet your goals in the new year 2017. Hope this gives you some ideas for your new year plan.

Thanks for reading and good luck in 2017 for you and yours!
Zora Blume 




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Quick & Easy keyword research strategies, including our top tools and resources!

BONUS 5: Social Media Traffic

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The top social media networks that play a critical role in generating targeted traffic to your site!

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Whenever a good product comes along I do my very best to provide an awesome bonus to give you extra value.

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New [Blog Post about Omar and Melinda Big ISFN Launch check it out!


The product is called
“Internet Selling For Newbies”

by Omar & Melinda Martin.

This is a proven product that has already helped thousands

of people start making money online and this

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This is a very highly anticipated product and
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“ISFN” Product Description


Internet Selling for Newbies is the ultimate
starter kit for anyone trying to build a real
online business.

This product has already helped thousands
of people get started online with step by step
training videos.

The ISFN course walks each student through
the fundamentals of building an online business
and explains everything in easy terms.

Then the course gets more advanced as the
student progresses to learn the components of
an online business .

Omar & Melinda teach simple and practical
methods that anyone can use to not only make
money online but to actually build a solid long
term ONLINE SELLING business.

The course covers everything from Web Basics
through List Building, Affiliate Marketing, Traffic,
Funnels and even Product Launches!


“MUA” Product Description


My Unfair Advantage is our flagship product and literally
contains just about everything we’ve ever done online.


This is by far the most robust membership site we’ve ever
seen and it includes training, software, website templates,
scripts, tools and so much more.


The best part about being an MUA member is that everyone
gets LIVE weekly group coaching!


This is something that we’ve been doing since 2010!
Yes, we are about to do our 300th episode in December!

These are actual live training calls where we teach online
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This is as cutting edge as it gets, REAL coaching, REAL
presentations not a bunch of pod casting interview bullshit.


Our members LOVE this site because it is a community
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To Your Success,
Zora Blume


P.S. – The fun starts at noon Est.11-25-2016 , see
you then.


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Zora Blume



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Thanks for reading
Zora Blume



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New Blog review of ” Plugin Auction Profits” by Robert Corrigan


Plugin Auction Profits by Robert Corrigan

Robert has packed this product full of great ways to make conversions. I’m Still learning new things each time I go back through the training .

Products showing you how to sell on eBay seem to be released on a regular basis so it was with a certain amount of skepticism that I sat down to review

Plugin Auction Profits, I was expecting to read the usual information regurgitated in yet another form the sort that has been doing the rounds for years.

However, Plugin Auction Profits has really opened my eyes, this is seriously good stuff, and it is not your usual fluff filled e-book which could have been written by anyone. This is a complete e-course authored by a bonafide eBay Powerseller Robert Corrigan.

How many times have you seen an eBay guide that was just a re-write of eBay’s help files or how many times have you seen a product, guide to or make money course about eBay written by a so called expert and yet you just have to take their word for it

Plugin Auction Profits shows you how to start off trading on eBay with a very small amount of money then how to go about to building your business step by step. Did you know that most people who sell online never make the money they should do?

Isn’t shocking it? The main reason is that many people get seduced by the eBay myth you see you need to have the right approach to CONSISTENTLY make money from eBay every single week.

Plugin Auction Profits lets you into the secrets that the other marketers have known for years, where do the Powersellers obtain their stock. There are over 10,000 niches on eBay alone and literally hundreds of thousands of products you can sell.

Don’t be tempted into buying a cheap “trade list or directory” (or even an expensive products directory) that is untried it will almost certainly not be worth the money, better to learn from someone who is already doing it.

After much cajoling and pleading, Robert has finally agreed to share his personal list of products suppliers with all of you. You can get a complete directory of all the suppliers he uses on a daily basis in his own business as a special bonus item in other words at NO cost! You may think that he is cutting his own throat by revealing these sources but Robert sees it differently.

As he would say “the real money is made in trading in niche markets” and there are so many products and categories that can be exploited to make amazing profits. Learn how you can use very simple and cheap solutions to sell more products to a very targeted audience who will return to you to buy time and time again. You will be amazed how easy it is to do and yet most traders never do it.

Plugin Auction Profits is a complete e-course that takes you from starting off on eBay to building up your business to Powerseller level. The 16 training videos are just like having a one to one mentoring session with your own Powerseller coach, each video covers one small step at a time. Robert also reviews the tools that he personally uses in his own business on a daily basis and the best part is that these are FREE!

A ride along work book covers all the Action Steps needed to setup and run a successful online business. You can plan you route to success at the pace that suits you. This IS a complete business plan you will never need anything else.

I cannot believe how much information there is in this course but never at any point does it overwhelm you. It is written in a relaxed chatty style but is packed with nuggets of information, defiantly NO fluff here. 2 Power packed guide books, a step by step workbook to plan your business, 16 step by step videos, the “Secret Sources Revealed” eBook adds up to a very powerful package.

Plugin Auction Profits has completely changed my mind about “How To Make Money Online” eBay trading courses, this is a complete blueprint for your own successful eBay business written by a real world eBay Powerseller.

Well done Robert this is a fantastic product if anyone is serious about making money online this is a serious must have course! Make this the day you invest in your future.

>>>> Click Here Go Watch the video.

Thank you for reading

Zora Blume

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Facebook Tactics CheatSheet

Obviously Facebook is the largest digital marketing medium in the world, so you need to know how to properly utilize it to maximize your results. This guide will help you understand the tactics used by the pros for optimizing results from Facebook, including Fan Pages, Events, Business Pages, Marketplaces, and Plugins, etc.




Pinterest Power Marketing

Utilizing the popularity of Pinterest can have a significant positive impact on your marketing. In this special guide, you’ll discover the most effective ways to market with Pinterest, how to utilize the interface, effective strategies and tactics, how to use Pinterest for business, and other advanced techniques.



Copywriting Secrets Revealed

Copywriting is basolutely essential to any online marketer or business hoping to be successful. Without intriguing copy to captivate your visitors, you simply don’t stand a chance! In this guide we reveal the top copywriting secrets of the pros, including how to write killer headlines, how to be more productive with your copy, and how to come up with great copy fast!


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Number 3 – Exclusive Bonus Webinar Training valued at $ 197.00 is “ How To Convert” In this training, You will learn how to master how to turn a visitor into a buyer .You will learn secrets Like you will make a lot of the sale even before they land on your sales page.


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The Funnel Boss Video Course

This is some great training that you have never seen before.

The core product is a visual tutorial series on how
to assemble web pages into various unique and
profitable funnels.

The Funnel Boss training is comprised of 5 videos
that cover basic funnel building concepts using a
whiteboard on screen drawing technique.

The training progresses into specific PROVEN viral
funnel tactics like the Viral Lead Funnel, Viral Trust
Funnel, and Viral Sales Funnels.

Omar also covers backend monetization tricks for
welcome, pages, download pages, and membership sites.

I love this part of the training . The backend tricks are
some of the best That most people don’t ever think of.

The Funnel Boss VIP Monthly Club

Customers will make money and build their
list faster, easier and with zero hassle when they
use the Funnel Boss professionally designed pre-built
funnels every month.

The Funnel Boss training is the ultimate companion to
guide them through the process step-by-step, including
our Secret Funnel Hack Strategy, the advanced funnel
building tactics and DONE FOR YOU SALES FUNNELS
delivered right to their inbox each and every month.

There is also an “ONE TIME” payment option that includes
4 pre-made funnels and doesn’t require monthly subscription

The Funnel Boss Pro Creation Kit

Customers will have the option to purchase our Funnel Boss
PRO-KIT which will enable them to create their own products and
membership sites. This is covered in 2 video training courses called
“List Bolt Immersion” and “Membership Site Mini Course”.

Omar & Melinda will demonstrate how they
created a product from scratch and make
over $3k by putting it on JVZoo within 16 hours.

Customer will also see how Omar & Melinda
create a WordPress membership website using
Op2 and WishList.

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Thanks for reading
Zora Blume


































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No Product, No Website, No Traffic, No Problem. You can STILL build a list of buyers

No Product, No Website, No Traffic, No Problem.

You can STILL build a list of buyers and make conversions!

Hey . . .

I have been going through this product and I

am Loving it.

Now I am going back through again and watch
the rest of the training.

Tasleem has built a great product here with a lot of
features and extra stuff you can use to build your list;

As you watch the video training to realize Tasleem Now

her stuff and has a very pleasant smooth voice to listen
to in the videos training.

You will hear her voice on the free sale video .

I know many of you have heard this a lot and

I am going to say it again if you want to

be successful online you need a LIST.

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Lots of people build their list with Freebee seekers

That great if you know how to convert a freebie seeker
into a buyer.

But as you will find out that is a tough task very difficult
and most frustration at most.

  • Auction List Building Exposed – The ONLY way
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  • Not making any money online. That can change
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  • No Product, No Website, No Traffic, No Problem.
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So head on over and Watch the free video grab this and
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Don’t make the same mistake ! 87 % Make Free Download !


There has been a lot of talk about the reality of success regarding opt-in lists. Due to this talk, there have been many marketers partaking in surveys conducted to ensure that website promotion through opt-in list building is not just internet hype. The results obtained in these surveys have clearly shown that opt-in list building is still the hottest marketing tool for website promotion.

The surveys are also a means of eliminating some of the internet marketer’s fears based on the technological advancement which might pose a threat to the success of opt-in list building. It also helps bring new understanding to the huge earning potential that an opt-in list creates.

It is without a doubt that new website owners will have fear with all the SPAM filters making it hard for their prospective clients to receive their mail. However, it has been proven that most opt-in list marketers have not been hurt by this technological advancement. This is due to the obvious fact that opt-in list subscribers are not being spammed as they have willingly parted with their email address.

Other fears that have hit the scene of internet marketing in terms of opt-in list building have been that most people are not willing to part with their emails these days. These fears are unfounded as the increase in broadband is making it easier and cheaper for people to get online. Therefore more customers are made available and are indeed willing to part with their email addresses.

The other reason for the success of opt-in list building is that many websites are allowing subscribers to join the opt-in list on the websites own home page. This is making it easier for people to sign up on the mailing list as opposed to having to click on another link to get the option of joining the opt-in mailing list.

Opt-in list building is about giving your potential customer the option and incentive they need to purchase your product or service. It requires you to have the customer in mind. What are their needs and how can your product provide for those needs? A good opt-list building technique is about getting your customer to have a relationship with you.

Once you have your subscribers email address you have one foot in the door. Your subscribers are like minded people who are in some way interested in your product. Don’t disappoint them by offering something that you cannot deliver. An opt-in list is also a good way to get traffic to your site. The best way that a website can survive is through generating consistent,growing website traffic.

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New [Blog]Is a Profitable Ebook Business Possible? Short answer, YES! Check this out:

The Complete Ebook Publishing Course
That Anyone Can Follow &
Make SERIOUS Money Online!

The other day I was presented with a duplicate of a fresh product by Jon Offences called the EBook Earnings Academy in trade for a genuine review, here it is!

Before I actually read his eBook and traveled into the Academy participants area though I went onto a few of the kindle community forums to see what others were expressing about earning money with the eBooks and there is a significant common theme through the threads.
Making serious money from your eBooks is quite a skill, or you get blessed just, one of both!

There are tons of folks out there who are tossing their just work at kindle without much considered to a presentation or advertising and they wonder why the money will not start streaming in.

So after absorbing the materials in the Ebook Income Academy, how do you think the product can help with this issue?

In a hurry to check it out Click Here !

It really is 64 web pages long but is very complete with good images to back again up working out.
Some instructional eBooks have a tendency to include a lot of fluff, too little details or a combo of both, I didn’t see some of that in this eBook, the coaching level seems about right and this content gets to the idea directly.

Jon also endeavors to create a sense of business into the reader with the core of the training is the capability to outsource almost all of the work included or you can merely DIY depending on your financial circumstances.

Examples, of course, you like them right? That is one more thing which Jon appears to get right.
Just how many times perhaps you have had to learn by using a paragraph of words over and over to really get your head around a fresh skill or method whenever a simple image or screenshot could have done the work much better?

Throughout his eBook, it appears that whenever a graphic is required, it seems. I must say I performed find no nagging problem following an eBook or understanding what Jon was stating in the course materials.

Think about the customers area?

Be kind to yourself and head directly to the add-ons section where you will see some very nice additional material to essentially back up the key course material.
I particularly liked the thought of the business enterprise spreadsheet which Jon created himself after examining his product on people of his family!

They had no issue following course materials but corresponding to Jon they performed have trouble with keeping organized therefore the spreadsheet came alive!
With this, you can completely monitor what your brand-new literature and business do all in a single completely customizable working area.

Also added as an added bonus is a Publication Details Design template which is helpful for an instant duplicate and paste when you come to create your book so you get a Kindle formatting guide, a booklet promotion reward and a free of charge copy of 1 of Jons literature to use a good example to work to.

I could continue but you should see what’s designed for yourself.

Review Summary.
Impressed. This is actually the type of course which is really well suited for anyone endeavoring to earn a living from posting eBooks but is attempting to carefully turn their effort into a profitable business.

I also noticed a number of little guidelines in there which can even amaze the more capable book publisher and may even help the most complex boost the earnings from their catalogs.

I thoroughly advise that you browse the EBook income Academy before you begin focusing on another eBook which challenges to help make the money you want from it.


Big Bonus I am adding a big bonus for anybody that buys through my link : 
The Bonus is a 30 minute skype call with me ! You can ask me how I launched my new children’s book on amazon kindle .




You can check out the Ebook Profit Academy:

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If you’re looking for a complete package that can help you create, publish, promote and make money from eBooks then the EBook Profit Academy comes highly recommended.

How to claim your Bonus:

This page may be removed at any time so act FAST! Bonuses are only available for a very limited time.order EBook Earnings Academy NOW, From the link below to claim your BONUS!

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Important! All bonus claims will be manually verified and you will not be sent your bonus if you did not follow these instructions.

In order to claim your bonuses, please submit a ticket with your
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HowTo ClaimBonus12345



Check it out here…

Zora Blume

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jon Crimes 3
























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