Google Made them disappear without a trace!

Google Made them disappear without a trace!

Rap Genius Has disappear, vanished, Poof!! In an instant your there and the next second you can’t be found.

If you Google them they don’t show up anymore.

"Free image courtesy of"

“Free image courtesy of”


Is this an accident “nope” .These guy’s where naughty and arose Google’s ire by not following they’re terms of agreement of use of their products.

You can learn a lesson from their mistake .Don‘t try to game the system or you could be kick totally out of the game!

They are in talks with Google but sometimes when you do things that are not in the game book you get the ultimate penalty of being banned and if it was bad enough the ban could be a lifetime ordeal.

Saying you’re sorry sometimes helps but if it’s perceived as too little to late it might not be enough .Be sure to read the policies of the websites you use and be in line with their policies and terms of use just like you would when people use your site.

It’s not a good feeling when you’re used to goggling your site every day and one day it vanished. Playing games with SEO in the grey area will get unwanted attention from the search engines and you will end up in what is called the sandbox.1165440

If you get put in the sand box your site still shows up but way down in the searches not even in the top 10 pages sometimes.

Conclusion : -Don’t get kicked out of the game be a good sport!

Here is a link to the story on the Huffington post to read more

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Carl Toppings CRAZY CHRISTMAs Sale!




CRAZY CHRISTMAS SALE! Christmas is coming and with it one of the BIGGEST, and the HOTTEST Product Packages EVER! => In a hurry  CLICK HERE  or read on.

You have until New Years Eve to grab it at this unbeatable price!


  1. Multiple Income Streams For Sale Make Easy Money Even Whilst You Sleep For Years To Come…
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  6. Santa’s Favorite Business Package!

Just letting  you know that my good friend Carl Topping is hosting an awesome special discount package deal up until New Years Eve!


That’s right he is offering all of his products for a low one time payment! Now for those of you who don’t know Carl,

he is an ethical internet marketer who started his online ventures on eBay back in 2004 and he is now making his mark on the world wide web by creating completely awesome products as well as providing internet marketing services!

You really need to grab this once in a lifetime deal before it is gone!



To Your Success,

Best regards,

Zora Blume

P.S. Hurry go now before it over


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[Blog}Major Announcement: Please read ASAP (this affects you)


Free   Wp-Affiliate Builder!

               Webinar Training

Replay is ready!


             FREE Webinar

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Presentation With Omar Martin & Dave Nicholson

Dave and Omar are also doing a free LIVE training session

on Monday night that will  take you behind the scenes of a 6 figure
launch and show you EXACTLY what they do to attract powerful
affiliate – keep your eyes peeled for that one!

You’re going to want to read EVERY word closely.

There has been a POWERFUL NEW BONUS added
to Wp-Affiliate Builder!

Omar and Dave have added the popular Speedy Profit Creator

training program and SOFTWARE TOOL to WP-Affiliate Builder

This means that now you get.

A complete speedy product creation suite from A to Z that takes

you from niche research through development and even sales

page design in RECORD TIME.

This even includes lifetime access to their famous eBook creation
software AND PLR product library so you are literally an instant
author.. Just slap your name on a product – use the software and
your in business!


Once you’re ready to release your product – then the WPAB

tools kick in! You’ll use the training to recruit affiliates and the

WP-Plugins to push them into high gear so they can promote
for you over and over!


Theres a limited time on this bonus so you’d better move now!

See you in the facebook group after you sign up!

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Register For The Next Available Webinar


Thanks for reading Until Next

Zora Blume

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My Blog Post on WP Affiliate Builder

Have you seen how SIMPLE and FAST it is to build an affiliates page with WP Affiliate Builder?
Check it out click here:

I’m writing this Blog post today for you because My friends Melinda ,Omar and Dave Nicholson have launched their new product.

Viewing and reading up on this  brand new WP Affiliate Builder software and training program and I have to say it’s pretty damn AWESOME!

Inside the robust members area of WP Affiliate Builder you get a complete arsenal of tools, software and training that is specifically designed to help you to Recruit and Equip your Affiliates.

It’s been created by 2 affiliate MASTERS called Omar Martin and Dave Nicholson, and these guys have thought of EVERYTHING you could possibly need in order to start building a MASSIVE affiliate following.

You get the WordPress Affiliate Builder Software Plugin to enable you to INSTANTLY and SIMPLY build your affiliates page with all the tools needed in minutes.

Plus, you can also get a fantastic WordPress JV Leaderboard Software Plugin that automatically displays and updates your Top Affiliates, I found that excellent for building launch buzz and persuading affiliates to mail multiple times. Everybody wants to be the winner… Right? 🙂

As well as the TWO really powerful WordPress software plugins, you ALSO get Top Quality Affiliate Video Training, Affiliate eBook Training and Affiliate Audio Training from Omar and Dave. Two REAL LIFE EXPERTS that show you how to do everything very simply. Their style is very entertaining and engaging too!

All in all, this is one software package and training course that you really DO NOT want to miss out on.

I can give it my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION and I take my hat off to Omar and Dave.

Check it out for yourself click here:


Zora Blume


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The BEST Traffic Package EVER!…

Hi,  I hope you’ve had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend. I’m spending the weekend at home with some friends.I received notice of this new great product you ,me, and everybody doing business online needs.

While everybody is relaxing and generally having a good time there websites will continue to receive visitors and generate sales without them lifting a finger.

This is due to the traffic methods that have been perfected over the last few years.

Here’s is how it’s done .

We all know that Traffic Generation to ANY online Website, Product,
Affiliate Product , Blog or Advert is ESSENTIAL to your success
online, no matter what you do, and when it’s coming in automatically
it’s even better.

Let’s face it, there’s not much point having all your income
ventures online, if nobody actually sees them is there.

This is the stumbling block that most people come across…

But not any longer!
John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson have compiled an AWESOME Traffic
Package that will help anyone overcome this obstacle with the
greatest of ease, these are traffic methods That they use themselves
to drive thousands of visitors to our websites each and every
day on autopilot.

This MASSIVE Traffic Package is GUARANTEED to help you generate

Right now you can grab it as a very special offer for a fraction
of the cost, so don’t hang around, go and grab it right now!

Until next time…

Zora Blume

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Warning Over 90,000 I.P.Addresses Have been attacked by HACKERs!!

           WordPress Hacked - 366x253

                         ==>> Click HERE to GET Access <<==


HostGator just announced that there is aBrute Forceattack going on
right now and it is destroying a ton of WordPress blogs and sites.

This attack is not only happening on sites on HostGator. It’s happening on
virtually every host in existence. According to HostGator, they have seen
over  90,000 IP addresses  involved in this attack.

This is a serious matter.

Here’s what I suggest you do:

1- Go check your website and make sure everything is working okay.

2- Come back here and grab Secure WP at the discount price of only $7.00. It is a step-by-step “Over the shoulder” 12 part video series that shows you everything you need to do to protect your site:

          ==>> <<==

3- Watch all 12 training videos in the Secure WP members area.

4- Implement every step and protect your sites.

5- Tell your friends about this!

This is not hype. there are some evil peeps in cyberspace and they are doing everything in their power to take down your websites. I suggest you be proactive, instead of reactive.

Listen to what Lonnie Robinson has to say about his nonprofit site being under attack (audio):


Stay Safe!


                           WordPress Hacked 250x250


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Somebody ask why am I geting traffic and no sale?


Somebody ask the Question ?

I have no problem generating traffic I have a problem converting leads, have tried so many types funnels and I still do not get the results I want, made my, bought some but still low optins and sales. I have a fairly large list already and want to scale it up, any suggestions?


Bringing the traffic to a product is like bringing a horse to water you can’t make them buy and you can’t make a horse drink!

You have it backwards. Find the traffic first :Say a crowd of people that have been standing in line all day at a corner street that are tired ,thirsty, and starving, they can’t leave or they will lose their place in line and it would take a whole day to get back where they were.

Now this is your traffic you have found a crowd of hungry traffic. Now all you got to do is go to that corner where the hungry crowd is standing ,pull up to them with you push food cart and send out you advertisement :

That being the smell of the delicious  food and they will buy you out. They will buy your low cost offer being: say a hotdog and they will buy your up sells being sides like onions, Sauerkraut, slaw, chili, ect….

and they will buy your up sells say; like bottled water, soda, and they will buy your backend service offer of having your assistant stand and keep their place in line while they go take a bathroom break! If you been standing there all day and had to go?

How much would you pay for that? Find a crowd (being Traffic)and bring them what they need! Repeat over and over! Have a good day!

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Learn how to use these Tips to Increase Ranking and Website Traffic







Learn how to use these Tips to Increase Ranking and Website Traffic

 It is worth taking some of your time to increase website traffic and search engine rankings.


  1. Always create valuable content, for your visitors, Give them some good items they can use. Give some good tips and short cuts that people can use on their blogs.
  2. Try to have some of your own products or services. And always have something to give your visitor as a gift for coming by and reading.
  3. Use your main and secondary keywords within the first Paragraph in your content and spread them evenly throughout the document. And always at the bottom of your post.
  4. To get more targeted visitors remember to do your research and use the right keywords and long tail phrases to attract your visitors.
  5. Remember to put the keyword that you picked in your Title, META tags, Headers, etc. and the bottom of you post.
  6. Make your website design simple and easy to navigate so that your customers can go thru to the different pages of your site without getting lost.
  7. Be sure to index and submit each of your web pages every web page separately and not just the home page, to the main search engines and directory services. If you don’t know how to do this you can Google it or hire someone to do it.
  8. Make sure they install it with a manual submission not a bulk up loader submitter. Be safe and do not engage an automated submission service you want if done right.
  9. Be sure to watch and keep up with any new changed search engine algorithms and modify your web pages to comply with the new changes as they come out so your search engine ranking remains high. There are some online tools you can use to see how your website is doing.
  10. Keep an eye on your nearest competitors to see what they are doing right in the way of designing, content, keywords, and if theirs are top ranked websites
  11. Use your C-Panel to see where your traffic is coming from what link to your site and what keywords were used to find you.
  12. Make your visitors happy that they came by and offer your newsletters, free reports, maybe a reduce price coupons etc.
  13. Submit your article post to the ezine to show your expertise of the niche field and products or services you have to offer.
  14. If your customers order one of you product make sure it easy to pay and download fast with as much ease as possible.
  15. If you have a problem with something when your building and maintaining your website there are same professionals that are very reasonable priced some as low as $5.00.So don’t let a snag stop you if you have to you can get someone to help.
  16. Make sure you keep your blog fresh with new post .If people come by and you haven’t added some new stuff for too long they will eventually stop coming by. After they make two or more trips over to read new stuff they will most likely move on.

                 To Find Out More Click On the Image


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Im adding a big bonus and I hope you like it! Its Est.Value $ 18,534 amount

Hi Im adding a big bonus and I hope you like it! Its Est.Value $ 18,534 Amount. Check it out.

Sorry the bonus is over but you can still get Daves coaching With a new deal!!!


Did you manage to grab Dave Nicholson’s FAST TRACK Coaching yet?

No?… You’re going to miss out on a LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY

Yes, for a VERY LIMITED time only Dave is opening the doors on his entire 12 week coaching course that previously SOLD OUT in a matter of just DAYS at $500!

You really do need to move FAST if you want to take advantage of this AWESOME offer, so I would HIGHLY recommend you snap it up RIGHT NOW!

Check out Dave’s video and he’ll explain a little more for you:

See you on the inside!


Yes, this really could be your LAST CHANCE to jump on board with this LIFE CHANGING training…


Dave has also JUST ADDED a MASSIVE ‘done for you’ resource pack that would normally cost a small fortune ALONE!

So if you’re FAST you can grab Dave’s entire 12 week Fast Track Coaching Program at a FRACTION of the cost, PLUS this amazing resource pack as well.

Make sure you don’t miss it, or I promise you will regret it.

P.S. Don’t forget to get my bonus!

here the link below

Thank for reading Have A good day !

Must be over 18 yrs old to participate.

If you buy with my link I will be paid.

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A review-POWERSELLER in three months-How did he do that!

header2-300x67 GarethbannerGareth Kentish has launched his new product! ” Auction Money Generator” Well whats it all about !Its How He Become a TOP RATED ebay POWERSELLER within 3 months. And now he wants to share with you and let you know how you can do it also.

He’s doing so well he moved to france and bought a house thats paid off and he copletele debt free Now he spend a lot of his time with his family.

Heres what you will get with this You get the POWERSELLER’S TOOLBOX report of the essential TOOLS you will have success with.


YOU GET AUDIO COURSE you can listen while your going stuff .


YOU get STEP -by STEP Comperhensive GUIDE To reach POWERSELLER status to generate Revenue

You get how to build your list useing ebay.

You get-Action Worksheets with each Chapter that will keep you in step with the progress of your program.

You get how to set up an affiliate program to have Ongoing REVENUES.
You get -how to promote your busines with ebooks Through the largest ebook library available omline.

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YOU GET -for being amember BONUSES The essential Guide to Face book,Dropshipping with ebay,complete guide to internet marketing,Creating your own BLog

And theres lot more like….
you get how to Beat your COMPETITION without relying on “KEYWORDS” and slashing PRICES

You Learn how to use ebay asyour online MARKETING = GOLDMINE !

You get how to manage your new  “SUBSCRIBER LIST”

You learn legitimate ways to send your new  customers to your own WEB SITE, saving on ebay commissions

Click here to Check it out

header2-300x67 Garethbanner

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