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Bonus Number 1

100 Article Titles 
here are 7 samples below
1. <no.> powerful methods to <person> who want to <benefit> 
2. <no.> instant working methods 
3. <no.> ways to <benefit> and <goal> 
4. <no.> ways to <goal> in <timeframe> 
5. Building the best <goal> 
6. End your worst nightmare now with <no.> sure-fire methods to <benefit> 
7. End your worst nightmare with <no.> sure-fire methods to <goal> and <benefit> in the next <timeframe>

Bonus Number 2

Your will get PLR Righs TO
102 Swipe File Benefits 
Here are 11 samples below
 1. Never Released Before 
 2. Newly Launched 
 3. The Latest ________ 
 4. Hot! 
 5. Smoking Hot! 
 6. _______ of the year 
 7. One of a kind 
 8. Not rehashed or recycled from anywhere else 
 9. The first of its kind 
 10. Why pay more? 
 11. More for less

Your will get PLR Righs TO

Bonus Number 3

100 Swipe File Bombastic Blog Post Subject Lines 
Here are 8 samples below
1. <no.> steps to be <benefit> 
2. <no.> important tools to <goal> 
3. Top <no.> facts about <benefit> 
4. Myths about <goal> 
5. The #1 myth about <benefit> 
6. The #1 myth about <problem> 
7. <no.> rules to control <goal> 
8. <no.> tips to be <goal/benefit

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 4

100 Swipe File PLR- Bonuses
Here are 6 samples below
1. If you BUY now, I’ll be sending you another mystery bonus as a token of appreciation. 
2. You won’t find these bonuses anywhere!  
3. These bonuses is going to compliment your progress towards _____ 
4. We know you won’t settle for less, so we are going to offer you an irresistible bonus! 
5. Who else want these bonuses worth $10,000? 
6. I’m selling this for $197 but you’re getting it for FREE Today!

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Bonus Number 5

192 Swipe File PLR- High converting bullet points 
Here are 4 samples below
1. The _____of _____ – all of which you can adapt to your own _____. Discover the easiest and most guaranteed way that you can _____ for your_____ – enjoy a lifetime of _____! 
2. -The one skill that propelled me from losing $10,000 to now pulling in up to $2000 in a single day — without _. 
3. -A complete, no holds barred, step-by-step guide at putting together _ in the least amount of time. I’ll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. 
4. -A complete _____ hindsight view at throwing together _____, keeping _____, and _____ in the least amount of time. I’ll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Think how much 5. _____this alone could _____.
Your will get PLR Righs TO

Bonus Number 6

Swipe File Chamber PLR- Comparisons 100
Here are 12 samples below
1. We are giving you extra information on <benefit> than any other source 
2. We are giving you extra information on <problem> than any other source 
3. We are giving you extra information on <goal> than any other source 
4. Do not leave your hard-earned money on your ignorance 
5. Do not simply waste your hard-earned money on information that is unnecessary 
6. Don’t be taken in by the cheap price, quality matters 
7. Don’t be taken in by the cheap price offered, we prove them wrong 
8. No one has ever come close to giving this much of information 
9. No one has ever come close to guarantee this  
10. No other internet marketers give you more quality than this 
11. No other internet marketers give you more insights than this 
12. Do not judge a product by its price

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 7

100 Swipe File  PLR- The moment of decision 
Here are 12 samples below
1. Before its gone forever 
2. Seats will be sold out anytime soon 
3. Only limited copies available 
4. Rare copies 
5. Flying off the shelf 
6. Selling out fast 
7. This happens once in a lifetime! 
8. When the counter reaches 0, this page will be gone forever 
9. Your competitors will be reading this too 
10. Secure your copy before time runs out 
11. After that, this offer will be removed forever 
12. For the next 72 hours only

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 8

100 Swipe File PLR- Email Marketing Subject Lines 
Here are 13 samples below
1. This is going to be insane… 
2. This is going to be so real… 
3. This is going to be interesting… 
4. This is unbelievable… 
5. This is scary… 
6. This is incredible… 
7. This is magnificent… 
8. This is life-changing… 
9. This is so surprising… 
10. He can make <number> in 4 weeks… 
11. How did he make <number> in 4 weeks… 
12. What a record! 
13. What an amazing way to…

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 9

105 Swipe File PLR- Follow ups and follow throughs 105
Here are 6 samples below
1. As a valued subscriber of mine, I would like to ….. 
2. Click on the link below…then come back again to talk on action 
3. Here is your Internet success: 
4. Dear <prospect>, do you know that you can… 
5. Just in case you missed out, this is… 
6. Not many people know this, but….

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 10

100 Swipe File Chamber PLR- Getting an idea across 
Here are 7 samples below
1. What if your product be the next Gangbusters in the <market>? 
2. What if you can make <benefit> right after you know the unusual secret? 
3. What if your tomorrow will never be the same as yesterday anymore 
4. What if you can solve your long-entangled problem in the next hour? 
5. What if you can buy your dream house and ride you could ever dream of 
6. What if you can impress your <enemy/friend> immediately after you know the Real Truth! 7. What if you can Double your <benefit> in your next <encounter>?

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 11

136 Swipe File  PLR- Newspaper ads 
Here are 12 samples below 
1. Get _____ fast & easy! 
2. We offer ____ and faster _____ 
3. Do you want faster results in ____? 
4. Now you can ____ unbelievably fast 
5. No one would expect to see ______ so fast 
6. If you want fast results, it has to be _____ 
7. _____ is going to work so fast and effective 
8. Who else wants to _____faster than others 
9. No risk _____solution. Guaranteed! 
10. You’re fully protected when you purchase_______.  
11. Peace of mind with _____. 100% guaranteed results. 
12. No Hassle, Get your money back if _____ don’t work for you

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 12

283 Swipe File PLR-Hypnotic Openings 
Here are 5 samples below
1. Here’s your chance to_______ 
2. _______ was in trouble. Our _______ were selling like crazy. Orders were coming from everywhere. We were able to get _______, but it wasn’t enough. We stopped advertising but the orders still kept coming. 
3. A _____ or so from now, you could have _____. Wouldn’t your friends and family be totally amazed? Wouldn’t you feel fantastic about it? 
4. After nearly 12 months of long hours, late nights and weekends at the office, my editors and I have collected over _______ of our biggest and best _____ secrets for _______ ? and bound them into one huge volume. 
5. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is _______. Chances are you haven’t heard of me before. But when you finish reading this, you’ll be glad you finally did.

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 13

104 Swipe File PLR- Personal branding 
Here are 10 samples below
1. It has become an Internet sensation… 
2. To this day people continue to talk about <product> 
3. Here we share the <Top marketer> message and put his life lesson into action. 
4. You will see this no other than here 
5. Apart from here you will get this information nowhere else. 
6. Let the ‘gurus’ show you how to <skill> 
7. This <skill> is one of the greatest for <benefit> 
8. This is the real money making idea that only Top Money Maker aware of 
9. The Hottest <niche> in the market has yet to reveal until you finish reading what the expert have to say. 
10. Though there are many “expert” out there, but let me guide you with my proven track record

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 14

252 Swipe File PLR- Powerful post scripts 
Here are 8 samples below
1. Don’t forget to check out the…… 
2. <name> is releasing only 723 copies and this is not a scarcity trick here, trust me. You can see the live counter on the page and it is going down pretty fast. Once it reaches zero the SOLD OUT sign will appear. 
3. The response about ________ has been overwhelming and extremely positive. There are over 743 comments on the blog already! For those of you that haven’t jumped on, this is one train you don’t want to miss. You can still get a copy today. 
4. This offer will be available at this special promotion price for a limited time only. I reserve the right to increase the sale price at any time without warning or notice. 
5. Remember there is absolutely no reason for you to leave empty handed. You can take advantage of my 100% Risk Free Offer and begin ______ today! 
6. If you are not earning profits within 8 weeks of ______, I will return 100% of your membership fee no questions asked. 
7. Please don’t put this off; every minute that passes drastically increases the chance of your slot being taken by another individual. 
8. Because once the limited number of positions are filled, it’s over and you’ve missed out. Period!

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 15

100 Swipe File PLR- Engaging questions 
Here are 7 samples below 
1. Do you want to learn to <benefit> right away? 
2. Do you want to learn to <goal> and <benefit> right now? 
3. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to <benefit>? 
4. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of <problem> instantly? 
5. So is it wonderful to <benefit> with minimum risks? 
6. Why do you think you should take up this offer? 
7. Is it possible for me to learn this within <no. of days>?

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 16

Swipe File Chamber PLR- Social Media Attention Grabbers 
Here are 10 samples below
1. Who else wants ____  
2. How _______ game ________(how marketers game seo) 
3. Top ten _______(top ten seo strategies) 
4. _____ tips ______ should really teach 
5. The evolution of the ______ 
6. Who makes money from ______ 
7. How you can _______ from ______ 
8. x reasons ____ will lose you ______ 
9. x ways to ______ by using _________ 
10. The Secret of____

Your will get PLR Righs TO
Bonus Number 17

262 Swipe File PLR-Sub-headlines 
Here are 9 samples below
1. Follow Me as I Take a Serious, Step-by-Step, HARD Look at _____That, Combined, Produce _____… And Then See How YOU, Too, Can ____ From _____ These Untold, Little-Known, Closely-Guarded Secrets! 
2. ALL The Most POWERFUL Secrets, Tips, Tricks, Tools & Techniques That Have EVER Been Written (or Spoken) on the Subject of _____& How to _____ Are Included in This LARGER-THAN-LIFE _____! 
3. ____ Free Bonuses Not Available Anywhere Else – Just For _______ 
4. _____ Gives You the Competitive Advantage in Todays _____, and it’s Practically Automatic! 
5. _____ is my specialty! 
6. ________: The Complete Guide To ________ 
7. A 100% complete package that empowers ANYONE to _____ and _____ in a few days 
8. A Foolproof Way To _________ 
9. A Life Transforming _______


Swipe File Chamber
145-Social Media swipesHeadlines you can get attention In Social Media Here are 8 samples of the 145 Lines.Fill in the blanks to fit the campaign.
No 1.Who else wants_____
No. 22.What if you can______
No. 23.What are the secrets to_____
No. 64. x reason why you should_____
No. 68.Do you make these mistakes in _____
No. 74.How a simple technique made me a _____
No. 78.I’m giving away<Product>
No. 84 I laughed my way to the bank on discovering<niche>









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Swipe File Chamber
365- Headline swipesHeadlines you can on your sales pages or any where you need them. Here are 8 samples of the 365 Lines.Fill in the blanks to fit the campaign.
No.1.How To<benefit>…In Less Than <time frame>
No. 2.Who Else Wants To<benefit>In only <timeline>?
No.3.Who Else Wants To <benefit> and <goal>
No.4.<no. of steps?tips> To< benefit>
No.5.To People Who Want To<Benefit> __But Can’t Get Started
No.12 Here’s a Quick Way To,benefit>
No.27. It Seems Incredible That You Can <benefit> and <goal>No.119 The Lazy Man’s Way To,benefit>in <duration>











Swipe File Chamber
100-Guarantees swipesHeadlines you can on your sales pages or any where you need them. Here are 2 samples of the 100 Lines.Fill in the blanks to fit the campaign.1. You are getting 100% no risk guarantee because I’m complacently confident that_____ is what you exactly need to achieve_____. In fact ,I”m so confident It’ll work for you and I’m prepared to let you try it risk free for an entire 60 days.
2.I’m so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that you are getting my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like the sound of me,what i have to say,what I write about,or you plan think it stinks-I will send you your money back in full and with out delay.All I ask is that you spend ___ days trying out my____.









Swipe File Chamber
100-Call To Action swipes Call to action are one of the thing you will have to use in all of your campaign ,posts ,Ads ETC. Here are a sample ! 8. of the 100 Calls to Action !
1. We are offering _____for just $ _____,for a limited time only!
2. Make a difference today
3. You can access the downloads instantly after purchasing online via our secure server
4.Get it now risk free
5.Get rid of your problems now in an instant
6.We are here to help you
7.We want to be part of your success story
8.We will hold you by the hand



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