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I’m extremely proud to announce that my friends Mike & Andy just opened the doors to their BRAND NEW software WebinarJam StudioTm.


WebinarJam StudioTm is awesome (and I mean AWESOME).

I’m confident in saying that they’ve reinvented the way webinars are done, again.

Don’t miss out… click here now.

1. The New Technology That Will Change The Way You Do Webinars

2. When I saw this, I almost lost it. Now it’s your turn to watch.

3. NEW VIDEO (special surprise announcement)

4. BREAKING NEWS (this directly affects YOU)

5. They probably shouldn’t have done this but they did.

Two of the smartest Marketers I know, Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime just posted this video up for you and it explains a new technology that will change the way you do webinars:








It shows you exactly what WebinarJam StudioTM is, why it’s reinventing the way webinars are run, and there’s even a special surprise announcement at the end 🙂




  1. Studio Control Center™ – everything you need to Create and Control every aspect of your webinar in one highly customizable interface
  1. Attendee SpotlightTM – now you can invite ANY of your Webinar Attendees to instantly become a guest, host, or presenter in your webinar at anytime.
  1. Hybrid WebinarsTM – Pre-Load up to 5 videos and go switch back to LIVE when each video is done. It’s like your Personal On Demand TV Studio
  1. Active Offers™ – we took a page from QVC and added 2 tools to increase both Urgency and Scarcity that’s guaranteed to increase your closing percentage.
  1. Feedback Flow™ – display key questions, comments, testimonials & new buyers with a simple click of a button
  1. Replica Replays™ – during your replays recreate the same excitement a live attendee gets by incorporated the live Chat Community exactly as it took place during the Live Webinar
  1. Jams on Demand™ Marketplace – with a simple check of a box when your Webinar Configuration is completed, your upcoming Webinar is added to the Jams On-Demand market
  1. Replays on Demand™ – your Webinar REPLAYS can ALSO be a part of the Jam On-Demand Marketplace. Now, you’ve got a continuous way to capture new registrants, and an always-on replay offer to generate new sales and profit.

But that’s not all…





Watch this special message and see why when you get WebinarJam StudioTM, you’re getting four products in one!


Sent you several emails earlier today in regards to this video.

It’s about a very important, new technology, that’s shaking up the industry.

I pride myself on helping you become as successful as possible and would hate for you to miss it.

Here’s the link to the video again.

Watch it now before you do anything else today.

Thanks for reading

Until next time

Zora Blume


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