New eBook part 7 To be Continued

New eBook part 7 To be Continued

Well I’m back in this new chapter part 7. In my last post I was
telling how all that was left to do was to proofread and my book would be done.

Well it did get proof-read but it seems I was not done after all .

I read it again and I notice that I wanted to add more to my ebook.

After I added more to it I decided it was to many pages so I had to take some out. Now I have re proofread the ebook and I hope its more like I wanted after the rewrite.

I agonized over this and finally decided that’s what I wanted to do it was not an easy decision.

I am closer now than ever to adding my product to clickbank. I hope I don’t
have to hard a time getting accepted with the entire new rule they implemented August

They say after you submit your product it can take around 5 days to get approved.
After you submit your product you have to test every thing and also do a test
purchase to see if everything works correctly.

I hope everybody is interested and as excited as I am. If you are following along with this new ebook series from the new beginning in part 1 to being published .You should be feeling some of the anguish of the setbacks and some of the excitement of the accomplishment surmounted.

I don’t think I have ever seen a eBook quite like mine I hope it not to different
that people thing it out of the ordinary. Well fingers crossed I can hope for
the best but no matter how it turns out at least I will have completed something
I really am happy that I could conquer.

In doing this not only did I write a ebook I also conquered my fears of not thinking I could do this .The technical parts I really feared but I conquered them like putting files on your server and adding web forms, or adding pitchers to your sale page .If you have never done any of these things it’s like a geek language to you.

I probable mentioned it before that by myself I could not do any of the technical parts and the uploading my files to the web. But I was determined to do this so I went and found the Solution I found someone that has wrote lots and lots of eBooks. I found a mentor that has been around for years adding many ebooks to clickbank and now his on Amazon with some eBooks.

So I knew he was the guy to follow and I joined his 30 day coaching plan. Best thing I ever done everything I have done was form this 30 day course. You don’t have to finish in 30 day if you have to go on vacation or have life problem you can you take as long as you want.

I have had some life problems get in the way and I’ve taken longer than the thirty but day all that matter is you get it done at your pace. The blog that you are on now reading has came from this 30 day course the first step in the course is to build your own blog.

When you finish the 30 day course you will have your own blog, your own product on the web for sale your own website where your sales page show your product. You will have web form opt-ins where people will join your list.

You will have your own mini 7 day course to give away to people to join your
ezine letter. My mentors name is John Thornhill he is one of the best know
honest and respected teacher on the internet today.

He is always Helping people with free video when he gets a lot of people with the same problems he make a video how to fix it. Then he writes a blog post for the same thing so people on his blog can get help at no charge .

John has different teaching course on how to do thing you have problems doing .

He has recently started making webinars to show how you can start to make a living on the internet. These webinars are totally Free to watch and learn for free how to do things like I have done .He has just come out with a new webinar with some new content if you want to go watch it for free Click on the link and it will take you to the free sigh up page. You’ll be glad you did.

Webinar is over click below to go to my case study

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The name of the webinar is called


Here is a pitcher of John Thornhill



Three Steps To Success

Here is the link to the free Webinar again

Webinar is over click below to go to my case study

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Well thats it for this post see you in the next post .New eBook part 8 To be Continued

Update I finished it check it out here >>>>


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