New eBook part 6 To be Continued

New eBook part 6 To be Continued

As I said in my last post my e book is done and I have someone
proofread it for me .Well I told the person to do it in their spare time .Their
not done yet proofreading so I’m still waiting very impatiently .

I can’t complain because they are doing it as a favor and I really do appreciate it
because I want it to be all good with the bugs gone. When I go live everything
should be in order and looking good I hope.

I want it to be a good guide to help in peoples every day Internet marketing. If they need a way to get traffic they can just look in the reference guide and some of the resources in the back of the book. I’m still working on some of the other parts of getting the book published.

I haven’t gotten my sale letter proofread yet because the guy that’s going to
do this for me went  on vacation for 10 days with his family .I will wait till he gets back so I don’t interrupt his rest and fun that would be just wrong and rude don’t you think.

He is a sale page expert who writes sales letters for Internet marketers for part of his living.

I’m sure he will show me a lot of things to redo on my page .I will gladly make
the changes he suggests especially because this is my first sale letter that I
have written. I’m so lucky to have so many people who have help me with these
things .

You do the first proofread yourself but you still have to have other s
do it also because you see it as you wrote it in you head. They are more objective
and can see it from the  outside looking in.

Well that’s my update for this post I will Continue in part 7 see you then.


I finished it Check it out Click on the link >>>>


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