New eBook part 5 To be Continued

New eBook part 5 To be Continued

My ebook is completed all that’s left is proofreading . As I write this post  I am waiting  and  squirming around and Anxious . I gave my book to a person who is going to prof read it for me to see if everything went together right. That’s all that is left to finish my ebook and get it ready to publish . Hopefully by next week.

I cant Wait the excitement grows with every step complected and another step closer to my goal. Now that my ebook is at the complete stage . I can finish working on my sales letter its at the end stage . All I have left to finish is adding an opt-in to the page with my aweber auto-responder for people to opt-in to my 7 day free course. After I complete my sale letter I will send it off to be reviewed proofread and get suggestions on improving it.

After the review and I do the suggested changes my sale letter will be finished and will be ready to be uploaded to my website .After I load my sale page it will be live on the Internet. I then will continue work on my affiliates page its all most complete .After i get it ready I will get it proofread by some one and make any corrections that are needed.Once all done I will upload the affiliates page to my website and it Will be live.My thank you page is completed all is needed is to proofread and make any necessary changes.Same as my sale page when complete I will upload and it will be live on my website.

I’m still working on bonuses I have 3 to fix up and add to my sales page .The bonuses should add good value to the sale page .The bonuses are all related to my traffic ebook and should be great extra value for my customers.Today I have to finish up on my free 7 day course work on my opt-in with aweber auto-responder .That’s where I’m at right now be back in Part 6 see ya then.


I finished You can check it out now click the link.>>>

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3 Responses to “New eBook part 5 To be Continued”

  1. Hi Zora,

    Sounds like you’ve been really busy on creating you eBook and all of the components for it hope you have great success on launch day.

    Talk Later

  2. Thanks Mike for the comments I appreciate you coming by come back any time. I went to you blog and read some great reviews and learned some new tips.

    Thank and to your success

    Zora Blume

  3. Very illuminating many thanks, I do believe your current visitors may well want way more posts along these lines keep up the excellent content.

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