New eBook part 4 To be Continued

Well I’m almost done just some nip and tuck here and there. But its still going to be a few more days before I’m done with my digital  ebook. Believe it of not I’m thinking of adding more to it . Maybe I should just find a end point and stop but you know when your trying to do your best.

Trying to give good value like you wood expect for yourself can be a good thing. If you think you have put in good value hopefully the customer will also think the same. If your customer enjoys it and find somethings in there they can use .

Then you have completed what you where tying to do. There are a lot of ebook out there some are similar as others .I’m trying to make my ebook different form other more unique  as possible so people can enjoy some thing a little different.

In the period of time since my last post like I said above I almost finished my ebook . But I also worked on my sales page, my thank you page ,my affiliates page , my opt- ins ,my email thank yous ,My graphics, my blog post, and so much more.

So you can see I have done a lot of stuff and been very busy .That’s why its been a long time in between posting on my blog. I should keep up with my post ever day but I don’t always have time for every thing . Some times  I get busy and just forget to do a post or some other chore I’m supposed to do.

I have some parts in the book about this time management . As soon a I get cought up Im going to set up my time management lists. On the list I will have check boxes . When you go down the list doing you chores 1,2,3 check each one off ,done. Get to the end of your list and your done for the day.

If you don’t miss any of the check boxes you should have every thing completed. I use a list ever day even if im just going to the store for a loaf of bread. If I go without a list I will end up talking to people and looking around and just piling stuff into my cart. And guess what when I get home I have a lot of extra stuff and no bread the main item I was after.

Well that’s it for part 4 I rambled along ,back to work and hopefully by the time  my next post is out I will be ready to publish my book .See ya in part 5


I finished it Check it out here >>>

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