New eBook part 3 To be Continued

Part 3

Well in part one I was talking about how I was excited to get done with my brand new electronically built digital e-book in maybe  a week . But no it did not happen Tragedy struck I’m still  working on it .I got busy and was doing really good with a lot of progress and then everything came to a hold.

I tried to continue but I could not get going .I got slower and slower until I came to a complete stop .At first I was wondering why was I not able to go on like I aways do .I usually work every day all day long with only lunch ,dinner ,bathroom break.I then realized I had become ill with a flu or cold and was zapped of all my energy .

I would try every day to do some work anyway but I would not get much done.But now I have some more energy I’m going again not full speed but maybe at one third speed .

At least I’m getting some stuff done now.I’m still not finished with my ebook yet because I had to rearrange some parts of the book because I had some new idea to add to the ebook that I thought would give good added value to my customers .

I added some more traffic getting avenues to help with giving more ways to get traffic.The more ways I can add in the better the choices they will have.They can continue with each method until they have all in  force .

After all are set up they can continue with the best and abandon the rest if they like.Most of your sources Will bring traffic of some sort.Some sources will bring a lot and some will bring a little .Add the small traffic source together with the larger sources and they all add up and enhance each other.

Hopefully in another week or so i will be at a end of my ebook.There will be a celebration when that day comes. To Be Continue in Part 4

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