New eBook part 2 To be Continued

Part 2

If I could only get some traffic? That’s what a lot of people say .Getting traffic is great but it’s not enough by itself. You have to concentrate on what you are doing. Finish the project you started. Don’t stop and go off to start another project. Every thing you do in your quest for traffic and sales.Building your business depends on you finishing each traffic stream in a timely manner.

Building your products setting up your blog your offers all need to be in place and completely ready. When your traffic stream in done and ready to turn on you should have your offers already to receive visitor browsers and buyers. The whole funnel has to flow from start to the thank you for buying page. So you will be wasting your time getting traffic without each project done and in place .

Always test all aspects of your funnel after it go’s live test the traffic link to your offer. Test the buy now button, test the down load button and page, the thank you page, your automatic email responses. Make sure the whole funnel is completed and works. You see it’s not just about traffic you could be having a problem somewhere else.

In my research I found that one of the main reasons people fail to get traffic or fail all together with Internet marketing is they listen to this guru, and than this one, and than this one, start here ,go there and never finish the one project their working on if they would finish maybe it could be offered and sold. The person that has a blog built and a product to sell makes more money than a person that doesn’t have anything to offer or finished.

I do the same thing sometimes I will start something and then go do something else. I will get busy doing other things and completely forget about that project. Latter on when I get some time to clean and straighten up my files I will come across it. Then if it’s still revaluate to the times I will start on it again. Hopefully I will have learned my lesson to finish up a project by now and finish it. I will continue with More in Part 3…

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