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25 Done-For-You Niche Targeted Website Package?…

End: Sunday 29th July at 11:59pm EST
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This Package of Websites is Brand New And Has Never Been Seen Before!

Yes, they have created 25 complete ‘Done For You’ websites for you, with the ability to edit each one and change 100% of the content…

Giving You 25 100% Unique High Quality Niche Websites, All Monetized With Your Own Amazon Ads!

They have made this Point and Click Simple for you to do! So you can edit every single aspect of all 25 of these websites, making them as unique as you like in SECONDS!

Watch The Demo Video below And they Show You Exactly How It’s Done:

In Each And Every One of These 25 Niche Websites!

YES! When they say Everything, they mean absolutely EVERYTHING!…

Extensive Niche Market Research!

They have done all the Extensive Niche Market Research to find 25 HOT NICHES that are currently in demand, so people are already looking for what you are going to offer them!

High Quality Website Design!

When they say High Quality, they mean REALLY High Quality! All of these Niche Targeted websites are fully responsive, and have been professionally designed to look and feel amazing, so you look professional, and your visitors feel comfortable with buying from you.

Simplicity is The Key!

Just upload the websites they provide and login to our unique admin panel to change absolutely anything you like and you’re good to go!
Still not sure how to upload? No problem, they also offer to do this for you too.

Monetize Your Website in Seconds!

Simply add in your own Amazon based affiliate ads using the WordPress Plugin they provide you with, or use any other affiliate platform you choose and place in the fields provided.

Fully Customizable!

There is a unique admin panel gives you 100% control over your websites, choose your own header image, colors, fonts, borders, links etc. Absolutely everything is editable!

High Value Software Included!

Included with this 25 website package you also get a MULTISITE License for our Top Selling Amazon WordPress Plugin ‘InstantAzon’. This allows you to instantly monetize all your websites in SECONDS! This software is usually priced at $97, but you get it FREE!

High Quality Traffic Training is Included! See the demo Click Here!

Yes, they said they give you absolutely EVERYTHING, so all that’s left once you have a fully functional, highly sought after website online is TRAFFIC! They will also give you the HIGHEST LEVEL of our very best website traffic training that has already helped hundreds of people to generate THOUSANDS of visitors.

Here are the 25 niches list

No. 1-Music To Your Ears

Bring Music to Life With The Ultimate in Headphones!

No. 2-Safe And Secure Home Security

A Smarter And Safer Home For Everyone!

No. 3-A Dog’s Life

Treats, Toys & Accessories

No. 4-Home Fitness Fanatics

Home GYM Equipment

No. 5-A Beautiful Body to Live For

Diet & Nutrition For a Longer and Happier Life!

No. 6-Manga Mania Comic Books

The Japanese Comic Book World!

No. 7-Wedding Gifts and Accessories

Make That Special Day Even Better For Everyone!

No. 8-Flowers Direct to Your Door

Beautiful Flowers Delivered Direct to Your Door!

No. 9-Smart Technology is The Future

Get Smarter With The Ultimate in Smart Technology!

No. 10-The Motorbike Enthusiast

Your One Stop Shop For Motorbikes & Accessories!

No. 11-Speed Demon Brand Name Bikes

Brand Name Bikes For Everything!

No.12-The Amazon Digital Universe

The Biggest Amazon Only Store Online!

No.13-Groomed to Perfection

Perfect Your Look With Mens Grooming Products

No.14-The Cat’s Whiskers

Show Your Cat How Much You Care!

No.15-The Perfect Smile

Everything You Need For Dental Hygiene & Health!

No.16-Happy Feet The Footwear Store

The Perfect Footwear For Every Occasion!

No.17-Home Nail Salon

Everything You’ll Ever Need For Perfect Looking Nails!

No.18-Love is in The Air

Romantic Gifts For That Special Loved One!

No.19-The Kiddies Book Store

Entertain And Educate Your Child With Books!

No.20-The PC Gaming Store

Games, Computers, Accessories, Peripherals & More!

No.21-Travel In Style

Luggage and Travel Gear

No.22-Wearable Technology

Get All The Top Tech That You Can Wear!

No.23-Painting & Decorating

One Stop Shop For Painting & Decorating Supplies


The Soccer Fanatics Home Ground

No.25-Dynamite Digital Software Store

Explosive Deals on The Biggest Digital Software

Additional added Bonus website below

No.26-Beautiful and Affordable Artwork

Paintings, Prints, Photography & Drawing
There are two upgrades OTOs

Front End: 25 Brand New Complete ‘Done For You‘ Website Package.

OTO1: 25 Additional Complete ‘Done For You‘ Website Package.

OTO2: Monthly Membership, This Includes ‘5 Done For You‘ Websites Each Month.



Why Did they Integrate Amazon Ads Into The Website?

Let us Share a Few FACTS With You…

Billions of users who are buyers .One of the most used site on the web.
So as you can see, they designed ALL 25 of these websites to maximize YOUR potential income, and also give your potential customers exactly what they WANT.

But remember, you are in 100% control of what you choose to use on your website, if you decide you want to use another affiliate source instead of Amazon, that’s just a click away!


But Just in Case…

They’ll Show You Everything!

In the Members Area they provide you with FULL training how to get your websites online, this includes absolutely everything, no matter what skill level you are at, you’ll learn everything you’ll ever need.

Get ready to become a big time website owner and have ALL 25 of these Niche Targeted Income Streams online, generating you income on FULL AUTOPILOT.

With these Professionally designed, ‘Done For You‘ niche targeted websites, you have MULTIPLE Income Streams that you can tap into INSTANTLY, with products that are automatically affiliated to YOU!


Thanks for Reading don’t wait to long
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To your success Zora Blume
End: Sunday 29th July at 11:59pm EST
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