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What is the Commissionator about? 

It’s about a  32-Year Old Michigayan Mom
( Shreya Banerjee )

Making  $858.55 a Week Using
a Weird 15-Minute Trick
(Without Spending Any Money
on Traffic or Ads)…”

Simple ‘Video Trick’ That Brings Your Business CASH Week After Week!


She found out no matter how good your product of offer is (NO TRAFFIC = NO MONEY.


 Shreya tried every darn traffic system, software and doo higgy under the sun but nothing ever really worked.

But after by trial, error and process of elimination…


She  Finally Arrived At A Process That Started Bringing In Clicks And Sales Consistently!

What in the product?

In that process she will tell you

How do you pick a profitable niche/product?How do you pick the right keywords?

How do you create videos?
How do you rank the videos?

How do you deal with the SEO monster?


“Commissionator” system will give you the answers to all of those questions.

Shreya will even teach you how to make super slick videos in 15 mins or less so that you can finally use any of that fancy schmancy software that may be gathering digital dust on your hard drive.

You’ve been sitting at your computer every night looking for a way out of the rat race and guess what…

Your Traffic & Commission Struggles Are Finally Over Amigo!

  • No more losing sleep every night trying to find a secret traffic loophole
  • No more pulling your hair out to get some clicks to an offer.
  • No more wasting money on your shiny traffic product syndrome.
  • No more sacrificing time away from the family just to try an make ends meet.
  • No more extra month at the end of the money.

Maybe an extra $858.55 per week won’t retire you but it can certainly help you get on the path to financial independence. That’s what it has done for Shreya and that’s EXACTLY what your Commissionator system will do for you.

No guessing games.

Shreya will show you EXACTLY how to rank on the 1st page of YouTube and Google in 5 minutes without any fancy pants software.

  • You can watch over her shoulder as she starts from scratch.
  • You will see how she picks her niche/products.
  • Watch how she picks her video keywords.
  • Learn EXACTLY how she create her videos in 15 mins.
  • See how she make her squeeze pages AND rank them in under 5 mins.

    Many people make the
    mistake of putting

a video on YouTube and expecting traffic
and sales.

What if YOU could make that happen, and
it involved no shady tactics and only
complete white hat tactics?

Shreya has just released Commissionator 

A POWERFUL ranking course that allows

And the best part is – you ONLY need to
set it up once.

This is SO simple, that even a 7 year
old can use it.

Shreya has already used this technique
to rank MULTIPLE videos to #1 on Google
(and YouTube) and get plenty of traffic

Now you can copy the exact system with

It just went live today. Grab it now!

I have some urgent GOOD news about

The bad news?

You’ve got to
decide if it’s for you. Because 
the price goes ups at the end.

So do you want to build a super list of
profitable subscribers or just prove to
yourself you can rank your videos?

Or do you want to keep sitting on the
sidelines – waiting for a miracle that
probably won’t ever come?

I’ll leave that call to you. All the
information you need is right here…

>>Go Decide Immediately

Take care,
Thanks for reading 
Zora Blume

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