John Thornhill reveals how he Straightens out the time line to success!



As you can see the top line in the photo above is all snarled and rambling all around. That is the path that John Thornhill  followed in his first dealings with the internet .


He was brand new and got lost trying all sorts and methods to make money online it took a long time on that path but just like you and me he failed time after time.


He got the shinny object syndrome like all of us do. He bought lots of products and courses .He even admits that when he was very green and did not know what to do when first  starting out .


He even had someone told him That  all he had to do was put theses ads on his computer and he would get rich.


John laughs about it now but it was every frustrating and put doubt in his mind that maybe you could not really make money and a business online .


But one day he realized what all of the successful marketers were doing. And that changed everything for him. The bottom line in the photo above is how John can Straighten the line out for you.


You will not have to be lost and  alone he will show you the step by step way to the success you have been looking for . A lot of people on their own follow the crooked path that John was on until he finally learned what to do to be successful.


The Straightened out line that John will show you is a dramatically shortened up your  paths line to success saving months and years off of the time it takes .Do you know the one thing every single successful marketer has in common?


Their own products.That’s right just look and you will see the common thing is they all have products to sell.It makes sense that you need to have something to sell to receive money. 


Look, it doesn’t matter what others tell you, the truth is if you want to be successful YOU MUST be creating Your own products.


Don’t believe me? Go and find me one successful marketer online who doesn’t have their own products.


I know you won’t. And I know you’re thinking “what about affiliate marketing?” And you would be right to an extent. It is possible to make an income from affiliate marketing, but I guarantee every  successful affiliate marketer is still creating their own products.


Plus when you’re an affiliate marketer all of the traffic efforts come from you. Surely it makes more sense to be the product creator so you can RECRUIT affiliates.


It’s wonderfully simple but so many people don’t do it, and do you want to know why that is? It’s because they think it’s hard, when it’s not.

Granted, it’s going to take work, and most people are too lazy to do the work. They want everything done for them, and this is what some marketers prey on, the easy button everyone is

looking for.

In fact, most wannabe marketers are spending waaaay to much money on ‘push button’ programs that never work.


They are caught in an endless cycle of buying product after product thinking the next one will be the one, but it

never is.

Want to know who taught me this?

John Thornhill, and he can teach you this, and a lot more to boot.

Internet Marketing needn’t be hard, if you have access to the right material.


Just get on his training, follow his Blueprint and I promise you won’t look back, and you can quote me on that.
To keep the freebie seekers from taking up seats of that of people who are really interest in making a business on line. John is charging a small workshop fee of $ 4.95 less than one the cost of store bought cup of coffee.

Get Access to The Product ….. 
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To your success 
Zora Blume








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