I Stubbed on Pinky Toe! Then I……..

At the time i’m writing this You know the Power ball is now at 650M.
If you won, what would you do with the $$?
Well that’s what every body ask me last year when I got my inheritance .

I had to travel to New York, City Manhattan Island . That’s a big place I tell you i had to go to the old  Manhattan International Trust and Loan Bank building.

I went Up to the 32 nd  floor to the law Office of Bradshaw  ,Bradshaw, and Bradshaw. I gave Mrs.Jenny the receptionist my papers to introduce myself and to receive my inheritance.

Mrs. Jenny  called the office Of MR. Bradshaw Jr the third.

He came out immediately and introduce himself and shook my hand and said that his firm was handling my money for me as the executor .

He led me to the office of Mr. Bradshaw Senor and introduce us. Mr Bradshaw Sr. said he was happy to help me with the papers I had to sign .

It was a vary exciting and happy meeting for me  after i signed the papers.

Mr.Bradshaw Sr. asked two people in the office to sign as witnesses to the transaction to make it legal.

After everything was signed Mr. Bradshaw Sr. asked his son Bradshaw Jr, if he would take me to the cashiers office and give me my check.
As Bradshaw Jr. handed me my check he ask Would you like to cash the check here in New York Before you leave? 

I said wow! can we do that? sure let do it.
Bradshaw Jr said sure we can I know the bank manager down stairs in the first floor bank let go.

As we entered the bank the manager Mr.Terry greeted us. Mr. Bradshaw Jr. introduce us and ask if he would cash my check for me.

Mr.Terry Said Yes I will be more than happen to Mr. Bradshaws Law firm are one of our biggest depositors.

We went to the cashier counter and he ask me to sign the back of the check and how would I like the cash to be.

I said one thousand dollars bills would be good. He counted out the bills in front of me very slowly and carefully.

He counted out two hundred and fifty One thousand dollar bills. I picked up the Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and put it in a zip up money bag.

Then i pulled up my shirt and put the bag in my waste band and pulled my shirt over it so it was not visible.

I thanked the two men very much I turned to leave. As I was walking out this is where I “Stubbed MY Pinky Toe” It caused me to wake up. I had been sleep walking.

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Thanks For Reading
Zora Blume 

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