How to get traffic to an article?The Double Dip

How to get traffic to an article?
You Ask

You ask the question? I need Visitors to my new article its being past by. How can I get new unique visitors who would buy the product I have for sell. I don’t want paid traffic I want only FREE traffic Please.


How about you try a method I use I
call The Double Dip method. Write
your article on your niche subject post it on you blog .After you get that done
you now submit your article to the ezine article directories.

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Next you make a tweet and direct
your followers to a YouTube video that you made a power point slide show of
your article using your article in the slides. Do the same with your face book
followers send them to the video? Now that you have that done at the bottom of
your video you add a link to an offer sales page where you want to sale your product.


You can make the link go anywhere
you want but a squeeze page would be a good place to send them with a free
offer for a sign up  to your ezine
newsletter or blog .That why you can build your list so you can send information
and offers to whenever you like.

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The article you put on your blog has
a link to your sales page where the visitor can buy your product.

The same article you posted on your
blog and then submitted to the article directories has a link to your sales
page where the visitor can buy your product.


Now you are getting the double dip! the first dip  is from sales you get form the visitor you
send to the sales page from the article on your blog. Also the visitors you
send from the same article you submitted to the directories. And from the link
you  embedded in your video power point


The second part of the double dip is the link at the bottom
of your YouTube Video sending your visitor to an opt-in squeeze page that can
build you a list .You can use this list to leverage and build your list larger.
You can use this list to promote your products also.


The benefits are many more links with the double dip.


1. Link from article on blog to sales page.

2. Link from article on ezine directories to sales page.

3. Link from Twitter to YouTube Video.

4. Link from You Tube Video to squeeze page.

5. Link from Face book To YouTube Video to Squeeze Page.

6. Link from embedded slideshow to sales page.



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9 thoughts on “How to get traffic to an article?The Double Dip

    • Hey Randy,

      Glad to see you come by to visit. Your right I did not add all of the link possibilities because you know about information overload and getting to complicated. Hope ever body’s doing well in your part of the country. Don’t be a stranger.

      To Your Success

  1. Hi DesDrec,
    Thanks for coming by and reading I think this method can surprise you how well it works. You can take some of the parts out and still get results.

    To Your Success

  2. Thanks Penelope, For you kind words .Im glad you like the post and got some tips and going to come back.Your welcome any time. Have a good day!

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