How do I Learn to get people to open my emails?

Are you having “Low Email
open rates or no opens at all”


One thing you can do is …..

Open a new email account g-mail is a good one to use only for research !An email account  that you don’t care about who or how many Email you get ,it’s just for research ,and you can delete the ones you don’t like or all of them if you wish. First

Step 1:-Opt-in and sign up to all of the top marketers email lists you care to follow .It doesn’t matter if you pick some that are not good because you can learn what not to do from the bad ones .

Step 2:-Then open all of the different top marketers emails and compile a worksheet list of all of the Subject Lines that caused you to open their email .

Step 3:-Then make a swipe file of the best emails that you would have followed through and taken the action they wanted you to do .The most compelling that you think are good.

Step 4:-Then when you write your emails ,look at your topic headline worksheet list and rewrite it to fit your offer and style of writing.You will add your emails to your autoresponder.

Step 5:-When you write the body of Your email look at the swipe file you made and see if there is an email you can model and write yours with a similar style .Do not copy just use theirs as a guide .Make your emails in your style that you will develop after you became more proficient  at composing your emails.You can add a series of email to be sent out at a time you pick like one a day at 6:00 Pm .

Step 6:-Make your emails educational,entertaining,helpful, and good content they can use .Tell a story that will be continued in the next email .

WARNING !!!! Use Great caution when doing this kind of research :You will be tempted to buy the offers and do the actions that are offered in the emails .So do this research like a scientist in controlled experiments.Don’t get shiny buying syndrome!Do as the winners do ! Have a good day!

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