First day: New beginnings

So tankful for tomorrow is the first day of my new journey.

I have a new map and now i know the path.. I could not see

that i was in a rut and heading in the wrong direction .

The clouds and haze have lifted and i now can see how to

get out of this rut and go in the right direction.

It is so cool to know where your going“.

Just like the treasurer map with the big x marks the spot .

Only my new map is a goal map with a big x at my end

destination (MY GOAL).

I now have a plan that I will write down and get ready for

implementation !This will be my Map to the goal.

So ready and excited to get started.

Maybe you can follow along and get ideas for your map to

build your plan.



   (Well it’s reach my goals or bust!)


Building the mind map tomorrow!


Thanks for reading

Zora Blume

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