Email Marketing is it really dead?

I keep hearing from different sources That email marketing is dead.
At first I thought maybe for them it may be so.
But in the same paragraph they say that you need to buy my new You Tube or Facebook first page ranker.
Then I think to my self I did not even know email marketing was sick before they told it had died. Well you know right off that they are just putting out FAKE news because Email Marketing is alive and kicking.
And you know how you can tell they are blowing smoke up your skirt?
They deliver the bad news of the death of Email Marketing buy sending you guessed it an “EMAIL “LOL SMH.
Don’t believe it when somebody says Email Marketing is dead or even under the weather. Email Marketing is King. You own your email list it is your property. You tube,Facebook,Google, Can in an instant delete your hole business that is on your platform Poof gone in an instant.
For instance If you look at the story of the businessmen today that got deleted out of existence after 8 years of content hard work gone .
Be careful where you put your content if you put it on somebody else website ,forum,or even in the clouds internet gremlins (AKA- Hackers) may some day come along and wipe all of your work out.
Put your hard work in places that you can control only use the other platforms to siphon off the leads to your content and Email Marketing List.

It is a business asset .

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2 Responses to “Email Marketing is it really dead?”

  1. Hello Zora,

    Nice post and you make a lot of interesting and good points. I really hope email marketing isn’t dead, cause if it is… then I must be too LOL

    And as you well know I still store pretty much everything in the clouds ( Amazon S3) but as with anything we do online, there is a certain amount of risk involved. But yes there are “gremlins” just looking, lurking and ready to jump on any open door they can find.

    But yes I do agree that when people say “email marketing is dead” they are just spreading fake news and lies for their own selfish reasons.

    Once again I say, ” good stuff ” your posting and keep on keeping on my friend.

    Remember, to your success, we wish the very best!

    David Caudill

  2. Hi David . Glad you stop by to read a little bit sorry
    you had to read the bad new about our friend Email Marketing.
    Have a good day .Stop by again anytime! 🙂

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