Don’t let Machines Rob You Of your Health ! My {Blog Post}

Movement is life! Non movement is death!

People and science maybe unknowingly have engineered theirs and our own problems.

They invented machines that are thieves of your time,your health, your relationships with family and loved ones .

Machines like desktop computers and mobile computer I- phones,game machines that keep people from moving around for long periods of time.
Some people have totally voided most all of their activity or movements.

People in this generation are not knowledgeable of out door activates or the benefits of utilizing the great outdoors. Our generation had no iPhone we could not wait to go out and play. You could not get us to go back into the house until dark.

WE exercised every day at school and played very strenuous games. Even weight lifting football, soccer ,track,volleyball,tag, jungle gyms etc.

And after school when we where in the neighborhood playing we played all evening basketball ,football, riding bikes,running around the block ,racing, build dirt fort ,trenches, had dirt clod wars until some joker put a rock in one and somebody got a bloody forehead lol.

And then we went home and set at a dinner table with the whole family and ate a home cook meal if mom was able after she got off of her work.

After we got old enough she taught us how to cook and we cooked the meal because she was to tired after working all day .
By the time we were i believe about 10 years of age we could cook a good meal .I talking even home made biscuits ,some pies,and regular foods.

We did our own laundry even knew to separate white with bleach from the colored clothes with no bleach and use cold water with colored and hot with whites.

This stuff is part of basic life and maybe survival . All kids need the basics taught to them. This will give them the skills they will need to live a good life.

The basics should also include health,wealth,romance. The health part is which food are killing people like sugar, Which food are keeping people Healthy.

The basic should be taught in school also health,wealth,romance.
Most of this is not taught anymore not even how to wright a simple check.

The wealth part is money management ,about checkbooks,bank accounts,credit card anything that they will need to know and finances.
The romance part is to tell them about the bird and the bee ,to use safety if involved in sex and the bad disease . And don’t forget to tell them about laws such as legal ages , manners,edicate.

Kids now days have not been taught how to cook a meal for themselves. Some cant do any basic things for themselves they were never taught or prepare for life.

Some cant change a tire if they get a flat. They cant reconcile their checkbook or their bank accounts.
Some cant even microwave a meal much less cook or put something in the oven. If they did not have a mom to do their laundry they would not even know where you put the cloths or put soap in.

It is really quite shocking and unimaginable how little education and mentoring the people have now days.
It’s never to late! you can teach them the basics even at an older age.They can learn the skill they need .

I truly wary as these unskilled and under educated people try to merge into their adulthood to replace the retiring and deceased people of the previous generation.
If parents make their kids do this outdoor activity they would be fit and in shape.

If they would cook good food meals and have every body eat at the table on time they would be healthier.

And doing family things together that all members participate can make a closer family healthier ,fitter .
They complain of why they are sick and overweight they have no ideal of a healthy life.They were not taught . Try the metabolic cooking-Fat loss cookbook.

It can be blamed on the schools and the parents for not teaching the basics of life.
This generation are looking down at a small screen on phones, i pads ruining their eye sight their health with inactivity for hours on end .If they use the ear phone they are hurting their hearing possibly.

They don’t acknowledge and interact with people in the same room. With out communication and interaction the family bond and comradery develops a ever widening gap .
A family that interacts ,communicates,has respect, and plays together stays together.

You see a 4 year old 125 lb with a iPhone and diabetes .You go to ask the kids mom why is a 4 year old obese and sick and she is on her iPhone and weighs 300 lbs.
She snarls at you and says he’s not fat he is big boned .She is in denial.
It can mostly be traced back to education If a person is taught a proper meal plan and a diet with exercise.

A 4 year old does not go and buy an iPhone candy bars,cakes,game stations.He does not not do this to his self.
Parent gives and teaches the 4 year old that live style. They are giving the wrong love by giving into the kid peer pressure .

You see all of his friends have phones and they get snacks and don’t have the eat a good meal of vegetable . They say Yuck and the parent yield to the temper tantrum .

We don’t spank anymore like the old days. We don’t hurt their feelings and make them go out and play.
But it is up to the parent to show real love and be a teacher on the right foods to eat and give them footballs and outdoor activates to stay fit and build muscle .

If your outside and there is no wind not even a slight breeze nothing moving not even a leaf a blade of grass.
It is called a dead calm.

If a being or insect that lived does not move it is dead.
As people get older and older they slow down until when they almost cant move anymore and then they finally stop moving .

But some people as they get older they keep moving ,eat right, exercising and some even get faster . They are Alive they keep moving.

Put down that machine get some exercise, eat a healthy home cooked meal with the whole family.

Work on the family relationships .”

It will be easy to make better family bonds and friendships because you are now not setting on the recliner and not looking down at your I phone reading and not even acknowledging your family member.

They are Just feet away and now looking done at their I phone not talking just scrolling and reading.

Put down the( machine thieves of live and happiness) and say hi to your family member who are in the same house the same room just feet away from you.

So I say to you keep moving and live a better life.

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