Day Three: Research

Well its day three and I had to do some offline work and chores.

I had to do these things because I get paid for doing them.

Got to have some pocket change while you build the business.


But I did do some really interesting research and found

some nice avenue to some data bases of the info I seek.
I did not even have time to make my work schedule

today . Well tomorrow is an other day don’t you know.

Tomorrow i will spend a lot of time learning new product

that i will be using in my journey to achieve my goals.
I would like to get my work Mind Map started also.

Will we see what a new day will bring I’m hopping

for some breakthroughs soon.

It’s really exciting when

you have goals and determinations to reach them.

It’s great to have a plan that will help guide me.
Thanks for reading!

I will make a blog post tomorrow of how thing are

coming along be sure to catch it .

Zora Blume

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One Response to “Day Three: Research”

  1. Hi Bradley, Your right you have to do all of your
    task when they are dew. Today was a busy day for that.
    Thanks for reading and coming by.

    See ya later
    Zora Blume

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