Day four, the Continuance of my New Journey

I   did not start online to make money or to blog or be on social

media or listen to music or  watch video. As i have done all of

theses things  now in my time online I’ve done it all.

But my reason to join in on the internet was Totally and only one purpose

It was to Learn. After i discovered the internet a whole new world

opened up to me that was not available before.

I love learning something new everyday It’s like you are receiving a great gift every time.

I get so exited to start on a new en·deav·or and once started I can’t stop .

Like that word endeavor I heard it used before and I have said it time to

time but it is  just now, that I  learned how it is spelled.

So today was mostly opened up my training products and learning how to

use them . And the rest of the time I was building my new eCommerce

services website that i will launch soon.





I was working on my check list also

See ya tomorrow 

Thanks for reading.

Zora Blume 

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3 Responses to “Day four, the Continuance of my New Journey”

  1. Hi Bradley, I’m with you on that, I think it is a great
    gift to be able to learn anything you want .

    Thanks for reading
    Regaurds Zora Blume

  2. Hi Zora,
    I am watching your progress keenly. You are gonna do well, i can tell you are determined.
    Brian Oliver recently posted..[Video] Set your 30 Day Challenge and Be a WinnerMy Profile

  3. Hi Brian, Thanks for coming by and reading .And thanks for the encouragement .
    It’s good to have somebody rutting for you when your going on a new path .
    Until next time
    Zora Blume

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