Day 6 Easter Sunday ….

First let me  say Happy Easter to all. I had a little battle

between me and my self  . Me wanted

to dig in and get a lot of work and stuff done.


But myself said no way dude ,it’s Easter Sunday a day to

celibate Jesus rising . Well myself was right of course

calibrating Jesus and Easter Sunday is way more important

than some old work stuff.


So  Easter Sunday did not do any work or research .

Just celebrated The relaxing Easter Sunday the day

Jesus risen up.

I will hit it hard tomorrow because Ill be a little rested

and renewed.
I hope everybody had a day of rest and enjoyed the

Easter Sunday .
To your continued success

P.S Sorry if your disapointed that i did not have any progress

to report.


But its not all about progress in it self it’s also about well

being and health and life in general.

Like they say all work and no life make Zora a dull boy.


But if you check back here in Day 7 you may see some

new and improved results .You never know whats next on

my check list to my goals.





Thanks for reading

See ya tomorrow in Day 7


Zora Blume

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