Day 5 first blood towards my goal..

Hi and salutations, what a great day I woke up and I am still alive

the sun is shinning ,the temperatures are tolerable.


This is a great day the continue on my journey  even though I

can start to feel  the pressure  and  a little fatigue setting in .
I can tell that I’m in this one for the long hall ,I have to be

careful and not repeat what happened in 2012. Back in 2012

I started a new project and almost worked myself to death

literally because of my health problems.


I worked myself into exhaustion, It took me two months of

total rest not doing  any work to recover . I will continue

the long hours and work hard every day Because I made

a promises to do so.


But I will keep check on myself so as not to over do it.


So take notice and heed this lesson that you have to make

it all the way to the end goal.
When I feel I cant go on I will stop and rest a bit and even my
tasks and learning out. I don’t want to reach my goal and not be
able to enjoy,celebrate and continue on to the next projected goals.

I will save a little gas in the reserve tank so i can make it to the

next station.

Day 5

Oh yeah the head line that’s a play on the Rambo Movie  “First blood”

I made, step one to my Goal, I made $25.00 dollars that is a weekly recurring .

I already had this first one lined up and going but aim adding it in

because it is in line with my overall goals .

I hope some you  that read  this are as excited I am and to learn with me as i

go along . You never know what will happen along the way as your

plan my have to be tweaked and adjusted. 


In the worst case My plan my fail and have to be Discarded and replace

Time will tell . That is why each week I will stop and do a Analysis of where

things stand at each check point and adjust the plan as needed.

Well see you tomorrow with day 6 ,hope i have some good news

I have to go now get to work on my check list, do research ,a little

learning videos .


Thanks for reading and following along with my daily struggles

and successes!


To your success

Zora Blume

P.S. I have had a few people who have been giving me encouragement

and indicated they have been monitoring my journey.

I want to say Thanks it means a lot to me and it helps a lot when you

know your  writing  and somebody is actually reading , Just knowing

that keep you going . BIG THANKS




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