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THIS Makes Failure Impossible

This ONE factor is the key to building a
responsive mailing list fast and cheap. If
you’ve got this “handled,” it becomes
impossible to fail at list building.

When one newbie figured it out, he made
$4,000 on his first day. And the strangest
part? It wasn’t a fluke (I know – I thought
the same thing!).


The fact is, dozens of brand new Internet
marketers have used this to produce moonshot
results of their own. Putting up profit
numbers that would make pros like Ryan Deiss
or Russell Brunson green with envy.

And one of the best parts is
It only $4.95 right Now
If you hurry !



Don’t believe me? Well… I’ve seen the case

studies that PROVE it. Tomorrow – you’ll
have an opportunity to witness the evidence
for yourself.

My good friend and expert Internet marketer
Alex Jeffreys will be hand delivering them
to you.

The Email I Never Expected…

It arrived today, and… wow. Lost? Allow me
to explain.

A few months ago Alex Jeffreys revealed The
Super List Method. When I first heard about
it, I didn’t believe the numbers. A way to
get 100%+ opt-in rates? Prove it!

Know what I mean?

Then I checked my inbox this morning. In it
I found an email from Alex about The Super
List Method 2.0 which he’s launching today.

Check It Out Here

With MOST info products, you never hear
anything after the initial launch. Why?
Because they rarely work, and very few
people EVER see any results.

But over the last few months, Alex has been
quietly collecting successful case studies
from his 1,000+ Super List Method students.

Success stories like one total newbie who
earned $4,000 on his first day. Enough hard
proof that even a “doubter” like me is
forced to admit I was wrong.

See Them Here

With the Super List Method 2.0 you get every
case study. You get the original system.
Plus you get these incredible add-ons…

Like Alex’s reverse squeeze page SOFTWARE!
The tool he uses to quickly deploying the
system that harvests thousands of free leads
every month.

Or the Fast FB Profit system – the “cracked
code” approach to creating the perfect
Facebook campaign. And all of his Fast
Profit Templates.

Check It Out Now

Quick warning: Alex is doing this launch in
a dimesale format. What that means is that
the price goes UP with every purchase.

So RIGHT NOW, it’s at the lowest price it
will ever be. But if you wait? Up it goes.









What You Don’t Know Is Losing You Money…

Everyone knows that List Building is a
critical. What you probably don’t know?
Exactly how much you could make in 15
minutes by sending one email.

The answer? It all depends on the size and
responsiveness of your list. Even a
miniature list can be a massive earner ($5k+
per email) if your subscribers are engaged.

So… how do you build a list of engaged,
profitable subscribers? That’s the million
dollar question, isn’t it?

But my friend and expert marketer Alex
Jeffreys is giving you the answer.

Check It Out Here

Today he’s releasing The Super List Method
2.0. It’s his complete step-by-step system
for rapidly building “super lists” of offer
buyers – not tuned out freebie seekers.

In it he reveals his 100% opt-in method. Yes
– 100% opt-ins! Plus his “reverse squeeze
page” kit. All of which you can use today
with NO skills or experience.

He’s also including his SUPER List Star’s
Case Studies. Success stories from SLM 1.0,
including one from a total newbie who earned
$4k on his first day.

So you won’t ONLY discover his tactics,
you’ll witness the real world results of
people who’ve used them within the last few

Discover The Method Now

One piece of advice – Alex is doing this
launch with a dimesale format. So with every
purchase the price WILL tick up.

If you want to get access to Super List
Method 2.0 at it’s lowest available price, I
encourage you to get it now!

Lock It In Immediately











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Zora Blume

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