Are you scattered brained ? Like me.

What you need is a good brain

Go get a switch ,Get it now ,
Take off your hat ,get ready
because you going to get a
Brian spanking .




















You have (Scattered Brain Syndrome)

don’t look it up It’s not on
the web yet, because I just
now discovered it.

Even though (Scattered Brain Syndrome)
has been around down through
the ages , it had no official name ,
I think some called it procrastination,
and other things.

Well come on and admit it to
yourself , nobody but you will know .

I know you talk to yourself just
like me ,sometimes if you don’t
who will beside you!.

I believe everybody is scattered
brained just like me to some
degree some more than others.

Some have learned a disciplined
to be able to control their brains
to achieve their goals.

If you are receiving emails from
many different people each with
different offer from many differing

This is one of the things that is
contributing to your confusion
and scattered brain syndrome.

If you have been buying many
products from different people
that are not related to the others .

This is one of the things that is
contributing to your confusion
and scattered brain syndrome.

If your are following more than
one mentor and doing part of
this mentor and a part of another
mentors program and mixing
them all together .

This is another part of the problem.

Do you start a training course and
after you hit a hard part you give
up and go to the next program and
end up quitting that one and on and on .

This is another part of the problem.

Go get another switch this one is
a twig to small to do a good brain
spanking! Get ready for some more
spanking !

UN-follow every body except for
the people that are at the level and
place you want to be.

Stop doing every one of the activities
that you are doing right now that
don’t work.

Clean out your email delete and
unsubscribe all unnecessary offers
and gurus.

Select a Mentor and Pick the
program that they used to get there.

Now that you know you need
to find one person that is
where you want be and has
achieved what you want to

Do everything that they are
going and exactly how they
do it.

Don’t deviate from their training
and actions.

Example : they make the best
apple pie in the world and you
want to make pie just like they
do and have the great taste just
like theirs .

You have the follow want they
do just like they do it .

If you change any part of the
recipe like you think you can
use your grandmas apple
sauce in there instead of what
the award winning recipe call for .

It’s not the same, your result
will be different maybe bitter
tasting and you could fail .

After you follow and modle
everything your mentor dose
and you achieve your success .

Then you can experiment and
test new recipe like chocolate
pie and so forth.

But in your marketing it will not
be pies , it will be your own
programs and courses .

Don’t be afraid to go into
the same niche as your
mentor there is room for
you also.

If you work hard like your
mentor, and believe me all
mentors do work.

All successful people do
work, some find ways to
make It easier but they
work hard.

Some day you to can
become a mentor and
help the new struggling
people who came behind

If you can help people
achieve like you have then
you will be a success.

For some people that’s
what its all about , helping
others .

That what I would consider
my greatest success and
achievement to achieve
and to (Pass It Forward)!

Thanks for Reading
Zora Blume

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