Candle in the dark!


Pay for ads! write posts ?
Are you crazy ?
That was me and some of the people i know.

I’m not going to pay for ads writing post and networking is to tough .

I don’t have time for that and i don’t have money for ads.

Have you ever heard people say this or is this you?

A lot of this is mindset that people have the ideas of paying out money is hard for people to do with that mindset.

If you can just look at it from a different perspective. Paying for ads and writing post doing press releases, promoting yourself and your business are an investment in yourself and your company.

If you want to make a real business that will succeed you will have to use all of the tools that are available to you.

Are you having a hard time making it online not making any money not getting any subscribers on your list?

There are many reasons you have been working online and not succeeding not making any froward motion.

Some marketers put this in their marketing materials and say” IT”S NOT YOUR FAULT” .

“Do you really completely believe that?” come on be honest with your self it is mostly your 
own fault it may not be all your fault but you are in control of yourself.

The things  for you to do to finally  be successful is probable completely opposite of what you think you might have to do.

You may only have to do one thing. That is to change your mind and the way you have been thinking.

I have researched how many of the people have ended up finally being a success in their business.

You will be surprised at how easy it was for some of them even after they had fail miserable and not only failed they went clear down in the gutter and in heavy dept and despair.

How do a lot of them come back from the depths of ruin despair poverty?

What I have discovered will give you hope and will show you that it’s never to late and it’s never to hard.

One  person that I researched about how he turned his situation around was diving in his car one day and BAM! it hit him like an invisible bolt of lighting.

What hit him was that everything he was doing was wrong things to do.

In a flash he realized the obvious what he was doing over and over was not working but like lots of people, they live in denial.

It’s not my fault! that is what everybody told me .It’s not my fault! But now he Know it is his fault ,He is in complete control of his business. His decisions are what guides the ship.

It was simple and easy after that moment in the car that day . He know new what he had to do.

All he had to do was change his mind . Be open to new ideas get unstuck ,out of the despair rut.

He stopped buying any of the new shinny product that came along . He would only from now on buy assets and tools for his business that he will actually use.

Now here is where the title of this post comes in “CANDLE  IN THE DARK!”

That was the big idea that hit him like an invisible bolt of lighting  in the car that fateful day.

He realized that he and his business were defunct because he and his business was in a dark place. A blacked out room with no light you could not see anything. Just him and a table, candle ,chair .He was setting in the middle of the room.

The chair holding him up and the table was his business he was the driver, But he could not see witch way to go to find the door and a way out into the light. If he could just get out of the door and into the light he would be OK because his customers  would be able to see him.

But with his mindset the way it was he was just seating in the dark room and living on hope that someone would come into the room and they would have to bump into him to know he  was even in  there.

With his new change mind and his new mindset he now is willing to light the CANDLE .

The candle is the way he can see the door and the way to get out of his predicament.

He now knows that when he lights the candle people can see him and know where he is and know which way to go to find him.

The candle in the dark lights him up like a spot light.

The candle is a metaphor for placing ads,posting posts, doing press releases.  These and other things are the candle and the light that shines on you and your business.

If you can change you mindset from being in the dark and not willing you let people know your there. You can turn your situation around .

By simply changing your way of thinking. Think positive. Just think and reason it out ,ask your self how are successful business making a profit?

They are adverting and putting in $1.00 and getting out $4.00 .When they can make $3.00 on spending $1.00 they will do it over and over again.

Then all they have to do to make more R.O.I. (Return on Investment ) Is to spend more on advertisement and scale up until they hit the top out point.

Change you mindset and your situation Light your candle.

Thanks for reading
Zora blume

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  1. Zora you nailed it.
    Thanks for sharing…
    Instead of this is the change you must make,
    if you want to make money for all your work…
    Just light a candle in the dark.
    Cararta recently posted..At Last… 8 Healthy Snacks for TV Couch TimeMy Profile

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