[Blog] Who Let The Air Out?

I made My First sell today of my Who let the air out ???

 Tee shirt.  need 5 more and we can print.

This post is the first in a continuing series .

Some people are interested in how things are going.
so I will post on my progress .

So If you are interested in a tee shirt business keep –

checking out my post here on my Blog!


I designed this tee-shirt with the New England

Deflate Gate in mind.

This shirt will be  a little bit of history recalled

when people see it in the future.

They will ask Who Did Let the air out of The

New Englands footballs in 2015 season playoffs.


And the Title is a play on the song Who Let The Dogs Out.

When I first started I only had one color and it

was Blue. Blue is good but some people like

other colors.


The problem was that when I setup my sales

page I was only able to pick one color.

I kept looking and still could not figure out how

all of the other sellers got the color for their pages .


I put in a support ticket and they added the colors for me .

They explained how to add colors and product

types in the reply also.


If you make your campaign live and you did not

add the colors when you set up your campaign .

They will have to do it for you.


I’ve got the colors now and sold a Blue tee-shirt.

I have 2 colors for my tee shirt Black and Grey,

And the hoodie i did not have this time.


They are price Normally @

Hanes Tagless Tee-29.99

I desired to have a special $ 10.00 discount

on the first ones.Already included!


You can see it live Here:>>


I’m selling Hanes Tagless Teeshirts and  below is the
prices with a $10.00 discount
already included:
Hanes Tagless Tee-19.99
Here is the Tee Shirt front and back and the color they
come in:

Here are the Tee Shirt :Front  This color is  Blue.

You can see it live Here:>>


Remember to check back for the next post in this series

Thanks for ready

Until next time

Zora Blume

You can see it live Here:>>



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