[Blog] My First TeeShirt Design Is live

Well here we go ! I decided I like
tee-shirts and the different designs.
There are probable thousand .


I’m sure there is a tee-shirt design
for just about anybody’s taste .
My first attempt at designing and selling apparel
is a learning curb.

I’m already finding out a lot about how to design
and what not to do when you are building your
art work or fonts.

First I have found you don’t even have to have
artwork. You can design and have a tee-shirt done
with just text if you like.

You can do just about anything you want except
for infringing on other peoples art or text and
intellectual properties.

You can’t use sport team logos or name ,you can’t

use actor or music industries face’s.

You can see it live Here:>>


They are price Normally @

Hanes Tagless Tee-33.99
Gildan 8% Heavy Blend Hoodie-$49.99

I desired to have a special $ 10.00 discount

on the first ones.

Here is my Ad header and ad copy I used below:



(Limited Edition)

-10 DAYs

Ad body copy: 

Tees or Hoodies in the and sizes of your choice.

I’m selling Hanes Tagless Teeshirts and Heavy Blend
Hoodies below is the prices with a $10.00 discount
already included:
Hanes Tagless Tee-23.99
Gildan 8% Heavy Blend Hoodie-$39.99
You can View Sizing Chart &
Product Details
There is Only 5 more needed to print!
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